487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of
487th Bombardment Group (H) aircrews

An Unknown 838th Crew Unknown Crew and passengers - 838th Squadron
Allard Crew Allard Crew - 839th Squadron
Allensworth Crew Allensworth crew - 839th Squadron
Althouse Crew Althouse crew - 839th Squadron
Anderson Crew Anderson Crew - 839th Squadron
Balfrey Crew Balfrey crew - 838th Squadron
Balfrey Crew (2nd photo) Balfrey crew - 838th Squadron
Ballard Crew Ballard crew - 836th Squadron
Balthazor Crew Balthazor Crew - 839th Squadron
Bauer Crew Bauer crew - 839th Squadron
Beck Crew Beck crew - 838th Squadron
Bennedsen Crew Bennedsen crew - 839th Squadron
Bennedsen Crew (2nd photo) Bennedsen crew - 839th Squadron
Blaylock Crew Blaylock Crew - 836th Squadron
Brown Crew Brown crew - 839th Squadron
Brown Crew (2nd photo) Brown crew - 839th Squadron
Brown Crew (3rd photo) Brown crew - 839th Squadron
Buckels Crew Buckels crew - 838th Squadron
Callison Crew Callison crew - 836th Squadron
Campbell Crew Campbell crew - 837th Squadron
Casey Crew Casey crew - 837th Squadron
Chaffee Crew Chaffee crew - 839th Squadron
Christensen Crew Christensen crew - 836th Squadron
Church Crew Church crew - 837th Squadron
Clarry Crew Clarry crew - 839th Squadron
Clarry Crew (2nd Photo) Clarry crew - 839th Squadron
Claywell Crew Claywell crew - 838th Squadron
Command/Lay Crew Group command crew
Cooper Crew Cooper crew - 839th Squadron
Cowan Crew Cowan crew - 838th Squadron
Crockett Crew Crockett crew - 836th Squadron
Cromwell Crew Cromwell crew - 838th Squadron
Crutcher Crew Crutcher crew - 839th Squadron
Cummins Crew Cummins Crew - 839th Squadron
Curchin Crew Curchin crew - 837th Squadron
Curtiss Crew Curtiss crew - 836th Squadron
Densmore Crew Densmore crew - 836th Squadron
DeSelms Crew DeSelms crew - 839th Squadron
Deuschle Crew Deuschle crew - 838th Squadron
Dorman Crew Dorman crew - 839th Squadron
Duncan Crew Duncan crew - 839th Squadron
Echon Crew Echon crew - 838th Squadron
Edwards (John H.) Crew Edwards crew - 839th Squadron
Edwards (John H.) Crew (2nd photo) Edwards crew - 839th Squadron
Edwards (William A.) Crew Edwards crew - 839th Squadron
Ellis Crew Ellis crew (portion of crew) - 839th Squadron
Ellis Crew Ellis crew, enlisted personnel - 839th Squadron
Emmett Crew Emmett crew - 839th Squadron
Eriksen Crew Eriksen crew - 839th Squadron - with B-24 Hell's Belle
Eriksen Crew (2nd photo) Eriksen crew - 839th Squadron - with B-17 Hell's Belle too
Finch Crew Finch Crew - 837th Squadron
Freeburg Crew Freeburg crew - 837th Squadron
Fuller Crew Fuller crew - 836th Squadron
Gasser Crew Gasser crew - 838th Squadron
Gillette Crew Gillette crew - 836th Squadron
Goethe Crew Goethe Crew - 837th Squadron
Goodenough Crew Goodenough Crew - 837th Squadron
Goodwin Crew Goodwin crew - 839th Squadron
Gross Crew Gross crew - 838th Squadron
Hall Crew Hall crew - 838th Squadron
Hanner Crew Hanner crew - 836th Squadron
Harriman Crew Harriman Crew - 836th Squadron
Hatfield Crew Hatfield Crew - 837th Squadron
Hauenstein Crew Hauenstein crew - 836th Squadron
Hayes Crew Hayes crew - 837th Squadron
Headley Crew Headley Crew - 837th Squadron
Hedden Crew Hedden crew - 836th Squadron
Henderson Crew Henderson crew - 838th Squadron
Hoddinott Crew Hoddinott Crew - 839th Squadron
Hoddinott Crew (2nd photo) Hoddinott Crew - 839th Squadron
Hough Crew Hough Crew - "Fearless Fosdick" 837th Squadron
Hover Crew Hover Crew - 837th Squadron
Huff Crew Huff Crew, in Herington, Kansas - 838th Squadron
Huff Crew Huff Crew, in Lavenham - 838th Squadron
Huston Crew Huston Crew - 837th Squadron
Hutcheson Crew Hutcheson Crew - "Dream" 838th Squadron
Hutchison Crew Hutchison Crew - 837th Squadron
Jackson Crew Jackson Crew - 836th Squadron
Judd Crew Judd Crew - 838th Squadron
Kalebaugh Crew Kalebaugh Crew - 838th Squadron
Kline Crew Kline Crew - 836th Squadron
King Crew King Crew - 839th Squadron
Kohr Crew Kohr Crew - 838th Squadron
Korthase Crew Korthase Crew - 837th Squadron
Kotlan Crew Kotlan Crew - 838th Squadron
Kulp Crew Kulp Crew - 836th Squadron
Kutchins/Echon Crew Kutchins/Echon Crew - 838th Squadron
Landeck Crew Landeck crew - 838th Squadron
Lang Crew Lang crew - 838th Squadron
Lauraine Crew Lauraine crew - 837th Squadron
Lawrence Crew Lawrence Crew - 837th Squadron
Lee Crew Lee Crew - 836th Squadron
Lester Crew Lester Crew - 836th Squadron
Logan Crew Logan Crew - 836th Squadron
Loranger Crew Loranger crew - 837th Squadron
Majerus Crew Majerus Crew - 838th Squadron
Martin Crew Martin Crew - 837th Squadron
McCarty Crew McCarty Crew - 838th Squadron
McDonagh Crew McDonagh Crew - 839th Squadron
McDonald Crew McDonald Crew - 838th Squadron
McGinnes Crew McGinnes Crew - 837th Squadron
Mellen Crew Mellen Crew, in Alamagordo - 838th Squadron
Mellen Crew Mellen Crew, in Lavenham - 838th Squadron
Miller Crew Miller Crew - 838th Squadron
Moser Crew Moser Crew - 838th Squadron
Mulhollan Crew Mulhollan Crew - 836th Squadron
Munson Crew Munson Crew - 837th Squadron
Murphy Crew Murphy Crew - 837th Squadron
Nachiem Crew Nachiem Crew - 836th Squadron
Nakielny Crew Nakielny Crew - 839th Squadron
Nelson Crew Nelson Crew - 837th Squadron
Nyland Crew Nyland Crew - 838th Squadron
O'Brien Crew O'Brien Crew - 837th Squadron
Olin Crew Olin Crew - 838th Squadron
Orchard Crew Orchard Crew - 837th Squadron
Owens Crew Owens Crew - 838th Squadron
Ozbolt Crew Ozbolt Crew - 839th Squadron
Peterson Crew Alton Peterson Crew - 839th Squadron
Peterson Crew Howard Peterson Crew - 837th Squadron
Petr Crew Petr Crew - 839th Squadron
Peyton Crew Joseph Peyton Crew - 836th Squadron
Pezzato Crew Pezzato Crew - 837th Squadron
Pittsley Crew Pittsley Crew - 836th Squadron
Poitevin Crew Poitevin crew - 838th Squadron
Poitevin Crew (2nd photo) Poitevin Crew (lead crew) 22-Apr-45
Portsch Crew Portsch crew - 836th Squadron
Potter Crew Potter crew - 839th Squadron
Pratt Crew Pratt crew - 837th Squadron
Preston Crew Enlisted personnel Roger G. Preston crew, enlisted personnel - 839th Squadron
Preston Crew Officers Roger G. Preston crew, officers - 839th Squadron
Primmer Crew Primmer crew - 837th Squadron
Raymer Crew - during training Raymer Crew - 839th Squadron
Raymer Crew - in England Raymer Crew - 839th Squadron
Reed Crew Reed Crew - 836th Squadron
Reeder Crew Reeder Crew - 837th Squadron
Reep Crew officers Reep Crew, Officers - 836th Squadron
Remaklus Crew Remaklus Crew - 837th Squadron
Rhodes Crew Rhodes Crew - 838th Squadron
Rhynalds Crew Rhynalds Crew - 836th Squadron
Rich Crew Rich Crew - 838th Squadron
Richards Crew Richards Crew - 836th Squadron
Richardson Crew Richardson Crew - 838th Squadron
Riegel Crew Riegel Crew - 838th Squadron
Roberts Crew Roberts Crew - 838th Squadron
Robertson Crew Robertson Crew - 836th Squadron
Rodenbough Crew Rodenbough Crew - 836th Squadron in US
Rodenbough Crew (2nd photo) Rodenbough Crew - 836th Squadron
Root Crew Root Crew - 836th Squadron
Ross Crew Ross Crew - 836th Squadron
Rothstein Crew Rothstein Crew - 836th Squadron
Rush Crew Rush Crew - 837th Squadron
Saunders Crew Saunders Crew - 839th Squadron
Scharmen Crew Scharmen Crew - 837th Squadron
Schlemm Crew Schlemm Crew - 838th Squadron
Schwab Crew Schwab Crew - 839th Squadron
Schwarzin Crew Schwarzin Crew - 836th Squadron
Sell Crew Sell Crew - 837th Squadron
Settler Crew Settler Crew - 838th Squadron
Shacklett Crew Shacklett Crew - 839th Squadron with Chief Wapello
Sheldon Crew Sheldon Crew - 839th Squadron
Shepard Crew Shepard Crew - 839th Squadron
Shepard Crew Shepard Crew - 839th Squadron - During training
Sherdel Crew Sherdel Crew - 837th Squadron
Sherrill Crew Sherrill Crew - 839th Squadron
Shields Crew Shields Crew - 837th Squadron
Sicard Crew Sicard Crew - 839th Squadron
Simons/McCleary Crew Simons/McCleary Crew - 838th Squadron
Smith (Bernard C) Crew Smith Crew - 839th Squadron
Smith (Bernard C) Crew (2nd photo) Smith Crew - 839th Squadron
Smith (F. "Larry") Crew Smith (F. "Larry") Crew - 837th Squadron
Smith (Herbert W) Crew Smith Crew - 837th Squadron
Smith (Herbert W) Crew (2nd photo) Smith Crew - 837th Squadron
Smith (Lynn G) Crew Smith (Lynn G) Crew - 837th Squadron
Smoke Crew Smoke Crew - 838th Squadron
Spangler Crew Spangler Crew - 839th Squadron
Spragia Crew Spragia Crew - 836th Squadron
Squier Crew Squier Crew - 839th Squadron
Stemple Crew Stemple Crew - 838th Squadron
Stone Crew Stone Crew - 838th Squadron
Strauss Crew Strauss Crew - 836th Squadron
Sugarman Crew Officers Sugarman crew, officers - 839th Squadron
Teare Crew Teare Crew - 839th Squadron
Teare Crew (2nd photo) Teare Crew - 839th Squadron
Thomas Crew Thomas Crew - 837th Squadron
Thomas Crew (2nd photo) Thomas Crew - 837th Squadron
Tintary Crew Tintary Crew - 839th Squadron
Turnquist Crew Turnquist Crew - 836th Squadron
VanDeventer Crew VanDeventer Crew - 836th Squadron
Van Dyke Crew Van Dyke Crew - 836th Squadron
Van Epps Crew Van Epps Crew - 837th Squadron
Volechenisky Crew VolecheniskyCrew Crew - 838th Squadron
Vratny Crew Vratny Crew - 838th Squadron
Waldron Crew Waldron Crew - 836th Squadron
Wentz Crew Wentz Crew - 838th Squadron
West Crew West Crew - 838th Squadron
Wiebeck Crew Wiebeck Crew - 839th Squadron
Wiebeck Crew (second photo) Wiebeck Crew - 839th Squadron
Wilson Crew Wilson Crew - 837th Squadron
Winters Crew Winters Crew - 837th Squadron
Witham Crew (officers) Witham Crew - 839th Squadron
Wolfenberger Crew Wolfenberger Crew - 838th Squadron
Young Crew Young Crew - 838th Squadron
Zerr Crew Zerr Crew - 836th Squadron
Ziegler Crew Ziegler Crew - 839th Squadron
Zisk Crew Zisk Crew - 839th Squadron
Zisk Crew (2nd photo) Zisk Crew - 839th Squadron

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