487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

William R. Gillette crew - 836th Squadron
2nd Lt William R. Gillette, standing, third from left
Others in crew unidentified, but crew assigned to the 487th on 5-Apr-1945 consisted of the following:
2nd Lt William R. Gillette (pilot), 2nd Lt David H. Culp (co-pilot), 2nd Lt John M. Huston (navigator), Glenn M. McCall (radio operator), Ray E. Romero (flight engineer),
William H. Garlington (armorer gunner), Wayne A. Rhoderick (aerial gunner), Wallace W. Newmann (aerial gunner), Van E. Whitaker Jr. (aerial gunner)
(Photo supplied by Michael Gillette, son of William Gillette)

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