487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45


12-Mar-22 Additional columns have been added to the personnel roster pages on the web site. The first is "Obituary Info" and if this is available for the individual, a small picture will appear there. Click on it and you will be taken to the information. The other new column is "Additional Info", and again if there is some additional information on the individual a small picture will appear there. Again clicking on this will take you to the information.
10-Nov-21 Details are together for a tour to England (along with other places). This tour replaces the long delayed 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe celebrations. It will take place in May 2022. There is a lot of detail here, please review this document, and make plans. Click here to see those details.
4-Jul-17 See the pages of the 487th operations tower log, recorded during the operation of the 487th Bomb Group (H). Click here to see them.
27-Jun-17 A collection of photos from Vernon Phillips supplied by his daughter Susan Dudasik. Click here to see them.
22-Dec-16 A new video of Henry Hughey is available where he provides thoughts on his missions, service with the 487th, and more. Click here to go directly to the video, or find it under "Featured Items" on the 487th Bomb Group home page.
9-Dec-16 The home page has been slightly modified with the addition of "Featured Items". Clicking on this will take you to a page with approximiately 10 highlighted items that we think will be of particular interest to you.
17-Aug-16 In the roster you can now look at lists of personnel by squadron, unit, etc and name. This includes not just the air squadrons, but any unit where we have information about personnel assignments. Click here to see this new feature.
20-Dec-15 Photos from the 2015 Reunion have been posted and here is a link to them! Click here to see photos.
11-Nov-13 A "Featured Photo" has been added on the home page of the 487th Web site. It will change periodically (at my whim), but today a new photo has been added to the photo gallery and I thought it would be a nice one to feature in this way. Go back to the home page to see this.
1-Nov-13 Don Kilburg's photos from the 2013 Reunion have been posted and here is a link to them! Click here to see what we have so far.
9-Mar-13 I did a little re-arranging of the Links page
11-Nov-12 Well finally, and I suppose fitting on Veterans Day, I posted some 2012 Reunion photos! Click here to see what we have so far.
30-Aug-12 In the ROSTER you can now look at lists by Squadron and Name. Click here to see this new feature.
12-Aug-12 After a suggestion from Ivo de Jong, dates when photos have been added, or updated will now be found in the photo description in New Photos. We hope this will make it easier to locate these.
8-May-12 Updated stories page with additional story of 487th KIA Memorial dedication at the Mighty Eighth Museum. Click here to see this.
24-Dec-11 Another collection of photos, from the files of Leo LeBlanc has been added. Click here to see them.
20-Dec-11 Another book by a 487th crewman, Ken Drinnon, has been listed in our Books section. Click here to see information on this new book and others that we know of.
10-Dec-11 I have begun to rearrange the LINKS section of the web site. Please check it out, specifically the new FEATURED items. Click here to see.
10-Nov-11 Some photos from the 2011 reunion are now available. Click here to see what we have so far..
27-Nov-10 Facebook, did I mention we're now on Facebook for those of you who use that social networking site. Click here to check it out.
14-Nov-10 Added links to photos from the 2010 reunion. Click here.
7-Sep-10 Added a way to search the 487th Bomb Group web site. Click here to see this how. I think you're going to like it. Don't forget to bookmark this one!
30-Aug-10 Added a page that lists crewmembers of the 487th who were POWs at some time during the war. Click here to see this list
23-July-10 The "Photo History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)" is working it's way through the publishing process. We are beginning to take 'reservations' for the book. Click here for details
25-Mar-10 There is a final push underway to select the photos for the "Photographic History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)". Please send us your photos. Check here for more details.
21-Nov-09 Reunion 2009 photos have been added. Click here to see them.
4-Nov-09 During the 2009 reunion we visited Luke AFB. Here is the Arizona Republic's coverage of that visit.
1-Oct-09 Some new, easy, ways to search the web for references to the 487th have been added to the Links of interest page. Check them out.
14-Mar-09 Added the announcement of a new book by Eleanor Hayes, "Memoirs of Gramflakes". Eleanor was married to Grayson Hayes, flight engineer in the Pete Riegel crew of the 838th squadron.
7-Mar-09 A mini-slide show has been added to the 487th Association's home page. There are 30+ photos that will display for a few seconds in a continuous loop. It is possible you will have to allow your browser to run this. If your browser does not allow this, you will probably see just the first photo. Any photo you see here can also be seen in the photo gallery.
23-Dec-08 Modified the 'New' photos list to be only those added since 1-July-2008
26-Aug-08 Added photos of the Kalamazoo Reunion. You may click here to see them
3-Mar-08 Reprints of "The History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)" will be available soon. Click here to see details!
18-Feb-08 Located a photo of the 1967 reunion. Click here to see it!
29-Dec-07 Photos of an original "Gentlemen from Hell" patch has been added. You may click here to see this addition.
4-Dec-07 Several names were added to the aircraft roster. These are aircraft where the squadron is unknown. It is possible that some of these can be connected to tail numbers in the roster. Can you help with this identification? Click here to see the aircraft list.
10-Nov-07 Added some new mission photos. Also, on many mission photos you can now select a larger image of those mission photos. VERY useful for seeing more detail. Click here to see the mission list.
19-Sep-07 Added photos of the Charleston Reunion. You may click here to see them
2-Sep-07 Added link to an excellent summary for AAF research on the ArmyAirForces.com web site. A great place to find many sources for research! Click here!
12-July-07 Added the journal of Leonard Davis to the Crew Stories section of the web site
28-May-07 Thank you for your service, and Happy Memorial Day. Several new crew/aircraft photos were added today to the Photo Gallery, thanks mostly to Ivo de Jong.
21-Dec-06 Added notes of Bob Holliday, copilot with the 837th squadron. Go to Crew Stories to find this
6-Dec-06 Click here to see a nice detailed map of the base. This was drawn by Tim Dean. The map is probably much larger than your screen, so you will need to scroll around to see it all. But it's worth viewing!
2-Dec-06 Added mission notes of Lt. Dick Baer under Crew Stories.
23-Nov-06 Happy Thanksgiving, and just in time for this holiday, some new photos of the Kansas City reunion, from Paul Webber have been added. You may click here to see them. If you have any to add, please send them to me.
3-Oct-06 Added a link (in the Links of interest) to another excellent 487th Bomb Group discussion forum. Click here to get to see it.
23-Aug-06 Something new has been added to the 487th Crew Roster. Often there is an individual photo and crew photo for the crewman. There is a new column (after crewman's last name) titled 'Crew or Group Photo'. If there is a crew photo for the man, there will be a little picture there. Click that and you'll see a crew/group photo with that man. Click his last name and you will still be shown an individual, or additional photo.
17-Aug-06 Several new items have been added to the Crew Stories and Links of interest sections.
15-Aug-06 Many new photos added recently. Check in and remember, your photos are welcome also! I encourage you to send them to me so that all can see them.
29-Jun-06 News reached me today that the entire run of 1,000 books of "The History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)" by Ivo de Jong is now sold out. All of you who purchased the book now own a classic.
10-Jun-06 A new, enhanced mission list has been added. The original list contained 169 missions, which was not a complete list. The new list has all 185 missions of the group and contains comments of about the missions. This new list will change as comments about the missions are added. Click here to see it.
12-Feb-06 A new membership application has been added to the web site. It should be printed, filled out and sent to our treasurer Sandy. In addition to sending the application, please continue to send me email about 487th crewmen that you want added to the web page and roster.
11-Feb-06 Today I came across photos I had taken at the 2003 and 2004 reunion. These have been posted to the web page. Enjoy them and if you have reunion pictures from ANY past years, I'll be pleased to add them to our Reunion section so others can enjoy them.
9-Feb-06 Another photo 'collection' has been added to our Photo Gallery. This one is from Quentin Jeffers, flight engineer in the 836th squadron and the well known 'Treble Four'.
8-Feb-06 New photos from the 2005 San Diego have been added. These are from Lisa Parnell, and they have been added to the bottom of the list of photos already there. You may click here to see them.
1-Feb-06 In the Photo Gallery a 'collection' of photos has been added as group. I thought this might be a nice way to display several photos from single individuals. Let me know what you think.
29-Jan-06 Another 487th book is now listed on the 487th Books section. This is by Jim Brooks, radio operator on "Blonde Bomber" in the 837th squadron
29-Jan-06 One of the original 487th web sites (Lee Hauenstein's) has been shut down. Everything that was there, and more, is now here
20-Jan-06 Expanded the 487th Books section to include posters available from artist Roger Lane
18-Jan-06 Added a new "Taps" web page to the 487th web site. This will show news of the passing of 487th members.
9-Jan-06 Added the word ** NEW ** to entries in the links section when a link has recently been added.
14-Dec-05 A new Books page has been added. It lists books about the 487th Bomb Group. We have so many good books available it seemed necessary to summarize them in a single place. You may click here to go there directly.
1-Dec-05 Photos of the 2005 reunion have been added. Sorry for the delay. You may click here to see them.
30-Nov-05 Cindy Neal's book "Gentlemen from Hell: Men of the 487th Bomb Group" is now available from Turner Publishing Company. To order the book you can go directly to a link on their web site by clicking here.
30-Oct-05 The KIA page has been expanded to provide additional information about the crew members who were KIA, KOAD, or MIA.
24-Oct-05 Cindy Neal's book is now available by contacting her at (704)782-8819, or by email at ccneal@carolina.rr.com. The book is available for $42.50 which covers the book price, North Carolina sales tax and shipping.
17-Oct-05 A new section has been added the Photo Gallery, called "Need Your Help". In these photos there is something, one or more people, or in one case a dog that is unidentified. Help us identify these if you can!
14-Oct-05 Cindy Neal contacted me to say she was informed she must charge California sales tax on book sales at the reunion. So, the book price will now total $39.82 ($36.95 + $2.87 sales tax).
9-Oct-05 The Personnel & Aircraft roster page has been reorganized. Please take a look.
26-Sep-05 Cindy Neal will have her new book available for sale at the reunion! It is titled "Gentlemen from Hell: Men of the 487th Bomb Group". The book is available for $36.95 (check or cash), and I for one cannot wait to get my copy! After the reunion you can get a copy by calling Cindy at (704)782-8819, or sending her an email at ccneal@carolina.rr.com.
26-Sep-05 There is something new in the personnel and aircraft 'roster' section. If we have a photo of the person or aircraft on the web site, you will be able to click on the name of the person or aircraft (if it is underlined) and be taken right to the photo! Pretty handy!
26-Sep-05 A TON of new photos have been added, in the last week, check out our photo gallery!
19-Sep-05 PLEASE send your photos to our webmaster, and they will be posted for all to see. Many of you have already helped us build up the collection of photos related to the 487th that we have on this web site. Keep at it! Click here to send me your email!
18-Sep-05 In the photo section a new group has been added that lists photos that have been added to the web site in the most recent month. These photos can also be found in their individual categories.
1-Sep-05 Many new photos have been added in the past month or so. The photo section has been divided into categories, so that you can find photos more easily.
12-Jul-05 The 487th newsletter was recently mailed. There is one critical misprint that should be corrected. Dag Morse is listed as having passed away. I spoke to him just after receiving the newsletter. He's doing very well and wants to send his greetings to all!
19-Jun-05 We have begun posting photos on the web page. Click the photo links to see the photos that are there, and check back often!
13-Jun-05 This site, www.487thbg.org has become the official web site of the 487th Bomb Group Association (H). Please send us any comments you have by clicking here!
18-May-05 The 487th web site obtained it's unique domain name, www.487thbg.org. The web sites of Tim Erskine and Lee Hauenstein will be moved to this new site.

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