487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

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487th Bomb Group (H) Association

Newest additions or updates

487th Tower Log (Added 28-Jun-2017) Copies of the tower log of the 487th Bomb Group.
487th Bomb Group Aircraft markings (Added 2-Mar-2016) Ivo de Jong wrote this comprehensive summary of the various aircraft markings used by the 487th Bomb Group.

This is a PDF file and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to read it.
487th Bomb Group Insignia (Added 10-Jan-2016) Ivo de Jong and Paul Webber wrote this summary of information about the 487th Bomb Group insignia. Several logos were used during the war, but none was official. This is worth reading to understand the story.

This is a PDF file and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to read it.
City of Savannah (Added 9-Feb-2017) Ivo de Jong wrote this to discuss the actual service that the B-17 "City of Savannah" had with the 487th Bomb Group.

This is a PDF file and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to read it.
William Henry Hughey (Added 22-Dec-2016) This is a video with comments by Henry Hughey about his missions and thoughts on service with the 487th Bomb Group, and more.

487th Visit to Luke AFB (Added 4-Nov-2009) During the 2009 reunion in Phoenix we visited Luke AFB - here is the Arizona Republic's coverage of that visit
487th Ground crew described Bill Michaels writes about the many important ground troops at the base
487th Memorial to KIA dedicated (Updated 8-May-2012) Memorial dedication ceremony to the 487th Bombardment Groups fallen at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum. Thanks to the generosity of Gilbert Spring, this monument stands in the memorial garden of the museum.
487th Personnel remembered Memorial on 31-July-2005 to remember the 487th Bombardment Groups fallen
Norman "Andy" K. Andrew Notes from Andy's mission diary was supplied to Tim Erskine by Bob Holliday copilot in the 487th
1st Lt Richard F. Baer (Updated 6-Mar-2010) Mission notes transcribed from Dick Baer's WWII scrapbook by Stacy Scharch c/o Anne Baer
M.L. Becker (Updated 21-Jan-2012) Milfred L. Becker started with the 487th. The story of this tail-gunner with the 487th, then in B-26's where he was shot down and was a P.O.W.
Jim Bello (Added 22-July-2007) This was supplied from Jim Bello as recollections of his father, Jim Bello, gunner from the 836th squadron.
Sabatine Joseph Branco This was supplied to Tim Erskine by Richard G. Branco, son of Tech Sgt Sabatine Branco
George Brooke (Added 19-June-2007) This was supplied by Jeff Brooke after talking with his dad, George Brooke of the 838th Squadron.
William T. Carlin (Added 12-Jan-2014) This was supplied by daughter, Kathleen Carlin Salvati. She transcribed her fathers notebook about his missions.
Charles Cathcart Oral history by Charles Cathcart, gunner in 838th squadron, about his time as POW
Homer Cole (Added 19-Aug-2009) Homer tells of his time with the 487th, and specifically the mission of 10-Apr-45.
Leonard Davis (Added 12-July-2007) Journal of travel, missions, POW experience, liberation and return during the war
Warren J. Draves (Added 19-Mar-2009) Collection of photos and some stories from the files of Warren J. Draves posted by his nephew Richard Draves.
Robert J. Gasser (Added 6-Mar-2010) Web page dedicated to 1st Lt. Robert J. Gasser, by historian Clint E. Daniel
Bruce Gregg (Added 8-Feb-2007) Short interview with Bruce Gregg on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of D-Day
Thurl Harber (Added 19-Aug-2009) Interview with Thurl Harber discussing his service with the 487th.
Lee Hauenstein (Added 5-Mar-2007) In June 2003, Lee visited Lavenham and Lodge Farm. This is an article he wrote about that experience for the 'Auxiliary' newsletter shortly after returning.
Max Hauenstein Notes of missions of this 836th Squadron pilot
Eleanor & Grayson Hayes (Added 1-Jan-2008) Eleanor's notes about her early life with T/Sgt Grayson Hayes, flight engineer on the Riegel crew
Leo "Bob" Holliday (Added 21-Dec-2006) Notes of Bob's experiences during training and while serving with the 837th Squadron of the 487th as a copilot
William Henry Hughey (Added 22-Dec-2016) This is a video with comments by Henry Hughey about his missions and thoughts on service with the 487th Bomb Group, and more.
2nd Lt Lewis A. Huston (Added 11-Jan-2008) A tribute to pilot 2nd Lt (later Major) Lewis Huston by his son, Phillip Huston
Bill Jennings The diaries of S/Sgt William Jennings, waist gunner on the Olin crew of "Honorable Patches", 838th Squadron
Lavenham plaque re-dedication Comments by Gregory N Matz son of Neil F (deceased) and Eleanor Matz 01-May-2005 Lavenham, Suffolk, England on the occasion of the re-dedication of the 487th Memorial Plaque located in the Lavenham village square
Lavenham Village Sign dedication (Added 17-Nov-2007) Comments from Andrea Norman about the dedication of an elegant new village sign in Lavenham, on which the 487th is featured.
William K. Martin (Added 20-Feb-2015) This is a video interiew of General Martin who, as Colonel Martin, commanded the 487th during the war. This interesting interview covers General Martin's career in the military and his life after that.
T/Sgt Charlie Mattson (Added 13-Oct-2009) Interview by Randall Ark with Charlie Mattson, radio operator with the Freeburg crew on board the Nov Shmov Ka Pop
2nd Lt Lorin D. McCleary (Added 30-Mar-2007) A tribute to 2LT Lorin David McCleary by his son, Lorin D. McCleary III
1st Lt Lawrence H McGinnes (Added 16-Dec-2007) Web page commemorating Lt McGinnes, KIA on 10-Apr-45
James R. McKinney (Added 28-Dec-2007) Comments by James about his mission of 10-Apr-45 and following events.
Lt Robert Portsch & Sgt Douglas Seavert This web site contains details of the crash on 15-Mar-45 of the Portsch aircraft and the journey by Sgt Seavert's sister, Mrs. Dolores Moore to the U.K. and the Lavenham area. There are photos and film at this web site that should be viewed by all!
Pete Reigel A Newspaper article interview of our very own Pete Reigel
Allan Robinson (Added 29-Jul-2009) Allan's comments can be heard here about missions, including 24-Dec-44. Make sure you click on the bar at the top of this page where you see the ">" play button, to hear Allan.
Lonnie Rogers (Added 28-Dec-2007) Notes of missions of this 836th Squadron gunner
Alvin Rothstein crew (Added 27-Feb-2007) A story of the Rothstein crew during a mission on 17-March-1945
C. Linwell Rowe (Added 19-Aug-2009) A story of the honoring of Lt. Rowe (KIA 24-Dec-44) by his family and Dominique Derauw of Belgium in Peterstown, West Virginia.
John Sekelsky Comments from our very own John Sekelsky
John Sherdel Web site by Captain John Sherdel, about the 487th Bomb Group and his crew in the 837th squadron
Jack Fishman Stanley (Added 12-May-2009) Log of Jack Fishman Stanley about his missions and other notes during his time as a pilot with the 487th Bomb Group. Transcribed and supplied by daughter Laura D. Stanley.
Walter "Steve" Stevenson (Added 27-Mar-2007) Diary of Walter Stevenson of the 836th Squadron while shipping overseas. Supplied by son Barry and daughter-in-law Cheryl Stevenson.
TAPS (Added 13-Jan-2008) Web site that describes many aspects of "Taps". Of special interest is the "History of Taps" that you find on this web page. Special thanks to SSgt (Ret) William Sier in providing information that led me to find this web site. William is the son of Robert Sier, bombardier of the 487th/836th squadron.
Click here to listen to Taps
William B. Wentz (Added 19-Mar-2015) Story and interview with "Budd" Wentz about his mission on 7-Apr-1945 where he was rammed by a German fighter. Story was from August 2008
John White (Added 19-Jun-2009) The story of how we came to have the photo of John White's gravesite. Many thanks to Sandra Belanger!

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