487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

- Honor Roll -
487th Bomb Group

233 men died while serving their country with the 487th.
Below is a list of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Name Rank Position Squadron Date Status
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Abbote, Frank G2nd LtNavigator838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Allensworth, Harold OSgtGunner-Ball Turret838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Andrew, Benedict AS/SgtFlight Engineer836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Baganz, Reuben FS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Baker, Robert SS/SgtArmorer gunner839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Ball, Ira L1st LtPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Ballard, Bennie LSgtGunner-Waist836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Bamberg, Tony O1st LtAir Leader836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Barboza, Clemente MSgtGunner838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Barnett, James SF/ONavigator839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Becker, Cuno V1st LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Bejian, John 2nd LtNavigator836Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Benoodt, George FSgtFlight Engineer839Sunday, December 31, 1944KIA
Benson, Stanley JSgtGunner-Top Turret838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Berger, Robert MSgtGunner-Waist839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Boyd, Leslie LS/SgtFlight Engineer838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Breiling, Robert CS/SgtRadio Operator839Thursday, September 28, 1944KIA
Brotherton, Wayne CSgtSpot Jammer837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Brown, Gerard FT/SgtRadio Operator839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Brown, Rhodes LS/SgtGunner-Waist839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Buck, Herman WS/SgtGunner836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Burres, Richard ESgtGunner-Tail838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Bybee, Melvin GSgtTogglier836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Callaghan, Frank JT/SgtGunner-Tail836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Carmen, Earnest T2nd LtCo-Pilot837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Castillo, Pete JT/SgtBombsight Mechanic836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Castle, Frederick WBrig. GenCo-Pilot/Air Leader836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Chatterton, Thomas C2nd LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Churm, Paul KSgtGunner838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Cochran, William JS/SgtRadio Operator838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Coe, Seymour ES/SgtGunner-Nose839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Conery, John JS/SgtGunner-Waist836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Conwill, Joseph D1st LtPilot837Wednesday, March 15, 1944KIA
Crosland, William SF/OCo-Pilot839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Crossley, Charles HS/SgtFlight Engineer836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Curtiss, Willard J1st LtPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
de Lachica, Eduardo DS/SgtGunner-Tail836Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Deelaney, Grady ESgtGunner-Ball Turret838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Dolan, James J2nd LtBombardier839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Donnelly, Robert JSgtGunner-Tail838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Dunham, Hiram DS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Dustman, Darell MS/SgtFlight Engineer837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Eberhart, John DT/SgtRadio Operator836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Erwin, Arthur D2nd LtPilot838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Eshleman, Oscar F2nd LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Estright, Alfred TSgtFlight Engineer838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Everett, Lloyd ES/SgtGunner-Ball Turret839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Faria, William R2nd LtBombardier836Thursday, November 9, 1944KIA
Ferenchak, George JS/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Focht, William JS/SgtGunner-Waist836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Frey, Arthur CSgtGunner838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Friedman, Ely N2nd LtNavigator839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Furr, Wilburn E2nd LtCo-Pilot836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Gatlin, Claude E2nd LtPilot836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Gaudin, Duffy JS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Gerland, Henry E1st LtCo-Pilot836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Giltinan, Stephen VSgtGunner-Tail839Saturday, January 20, 1945KIA
Glenn, James RSgtGunner-Ball Turret836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Goethe, Everitt F2nd LtPilot837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Graves, Hudie ES/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Green, Willard AS/SgtGunner-Tail836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Gregory, Jefferson GS/SgtGunner-Tail836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Gregory, Jesse E2nd LtBombardier838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Gross, Norman E2nd LtPilot838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Haglund, John LSgtGunner-Waist838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Hall, Robert TCaptainPilot838Thursday, January 18, 1945MIA
Harcq, Benjamin WS/SgtGunner-Tail836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Harriman, Robert W1st LtPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Haskell, Willard D2nd LtCo-Pilot838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Haulotte, Gene WSgtRadio Operator838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Heil, Charles A2nd LtNavigator836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Henahan, Joseph WT/SgtFlight Engineer839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Henderson, James VT/SgtFlight Engineer837Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Hinkson, Harry MSgtGunner-Tail838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Hood, James T2nd LtCo-Pilot839Friday, August 25, 1944MIA
Huck, Donald RSgtRadio Operator838Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Huebel, Benjamin AS/SgtFlight Engineer838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Hunter, Stephen S2nd LtCo-Pilot838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Isaacson, Joyal L2nd LtCo-Pilot838Monday, July 17, 1944KIA
Jackson, Raymond F1st LtPilot836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Johnson, William TS/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Jones, Jason WS/SgtChief operations clerk837Saturday, June 10, 1944KOAD
Jones, Richard LCaptainNavigator839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Jones, William ESgtGunner838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Kane, Stephen PSgtGunner-Tail836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Kausrud, Donald CS/SgtGunner-Tail838Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Kersten, Lloyd W1st LtPilot836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
King, Donald C1st LtNavigator839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
King, Robert HSgtFlight Engineer836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Knapp, Dale LSgtGunner-Tail838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Kochczynski, Clement J1st LtPilot838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Koepsell, Elmer ESgtGunner-Waist838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Kowalski, Edwin MSgtGunner-Waist836Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Kramer, Victor S2nd LtNavigator838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Kraus, Leslie ES/SgtRadio Operator836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Kussy, Leroy SSgtGunner-Top Turret838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Lang, Kenneth W2nd LtPilot838Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Late, Carl LT/SgtFlight Engineer838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Lauraine, Loye J1st LtPilot837Saturday, November 25, 1944KIA
Leonesio, John B2nd LtNavigator836Thursday, November 9, 1944KIA
Levine, Milton F/OBombardier838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Lipskas, Bronis DS/SgtGunner838Thursday, May 11, 1944MIA
Logan, James A1st LtPilot836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Loranger, George O2nd LtPilot837Saturday, June 10, 1944KOAD
Lull, Robert HT/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Lumpkin, Claude LS/SgtGunner-Nose838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Mackie, Thomas S2nd LtBombardier838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Marino, Leonard AT/SgtFlight Engineer837Sunday, March 18, 1945MIA
Markowitz, Max IS/SgtRadio Operator838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Marxmiller, Robert KS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Mass, Rubie R2nd LtCo-Pilot838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Matika, Bruno 2nd LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Mau, Eldon AS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
McCleary, Lorin D2nd LtPilot838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
McClendon, William JT/SgtFlight Engineer839Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
McCoy, Ernest E2nd LtCo-Pilot838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
McGinnes, Lawrence H1st LtPilot837Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
McKee, Eugene S/SgtRadio Operator838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
McNeish, Cecil C2nd LtNavigator837Thursday, March 15, 1945KIA
McWilliams, Charles ASgtGunner-Nose838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Messerly, Julian WSgtGunner838Tuesday, May 30, 1944KIA
Miller, Henry J1st LtNavigator836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Miller, Howard R2nd LtCo-Pilot838Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Miller, Joseph MS/SgtGunner-Waist836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Milliken, William SgtGround Crew839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Milner, Leon R2nd LtPilot836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Mitchell, Bruce RSgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Mitchell, Robert ET/SgtRadio Operator837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Moderski, Jerome D1st LtNav-Bombardier837Thursday, March 15, 1945KIA
Moentenich, Louis P2nd LtNavigator837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Moke, Francis E2nd LtNavigator838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Morrison, Everett SS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Murphy, William JS/SgtGunner-Waist838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Musser, Elmer GS/SgtGunner838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Nance, Clifford PT/SgtRadio Operator838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Nash, Lloyd WMajorPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Nash, Robert AS/SgtGunner-Waist839Sunday, December 24, 1944MIA
Nassi, Albert PSgtRadio Operator838Monday, July 17, 1944KIA
Naughton, James PS/SgtGunner-Tail836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Nelson, Laverne WS/SgtFlight Engineer836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Nyhagen, Floyd C1st LtCo-Pilot838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Oesch, Harold E1st LtPilot836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Oliver, Clyde E1st LtCo-Pilot839Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Olsen, August MT/SgtRadio Operator839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Olsen, Gunnar KF/ONavigator838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Owen, Charles VSgtGunner-Nose839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Ozbolt, David L1st LtPilot839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Parks, Warren HT/SgtGunner-Top Turret836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Peake, Willis E1st LtBombardier839Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Pearce, Thomas W1st LtBombardier838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Pellizzer, Louis S/SgtGunner836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Pendarvis, George HF/OCo-Pilot838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Perry, Joseph D2nd LtBombardier838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Pierson, Robert ESgtGunner-Nose838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Plevak, Edward C2nd LtNavigator836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Portsch, Robert H2nd LtPilot836Wednesday, March 14, 1945KIA
Preston, Walter H2nd LtPilot838Tuesday, September 12, 1944KIA
Procopio, Bruno S1st LtMickey operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Raffel, William PS/SgtGunner-Waist837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Ramseur, Richard MSgtRadio Operator836Saturday, December 30, 1944KIA
Randall, Clarence WS/SgtFlight Engineer837Thursday, March 15, 1945KIA
Reichel, Edward 2nd LtBombardier837Sunday, August 6, 1944KIA
Reid, Stewart F1st LtNav-Bombardier838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Robinson, Richard SS/SgtRadio Operator838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Rodgers, Gilbert ESgtGunner-Ball Turret838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Rogers, Willie S/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Rogers, Winston SCaptainPilot839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Rosenberger, Jearold FS/SgtRadio Operator838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Rowe, Claude L1st LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Rupe, Bradford ASgtGunner-Nose836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Sala, David WSgtGunner-Ball Turret838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Saporito, Salvatore AS/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Schmulewitz, Morris 2nd LtMickey Operator839Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Schramm, Elmer J2nd LtBombardier836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Schulz, William JS/SgtRadio Operator836Tuesday, April 3, 1945KOAD
Seavert, Douglas ES/SgtRadio Operator836Wednesday, March 14, 1945KIA
Seeger, Roy ESgtFlight Engineer838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Shackleford, James LSgtGunner-Nose837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Shegal, Arnold RT/SgtFlight Engineer836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Sherman, Edward H2nd LtNavigator836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Sherman, William LS/SgtGunner-Waist839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Sherrill, Theodore I2nd LtCo-Pilot836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Shuster, Joseph SF/ONavigator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Simac, Adolph SgtGunner-Tail839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Simoni, Walter T/SgtFlight Engineer838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Slusarczyk, Stanley A2nd LtBombardier838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Smathers, Harold EF/ONavigator836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Smith, Cecil J2nd LtBombardier839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Smith, Lynn G1st LtPilot837Friday, September 22, 1944KIA
Smoke, Daniel C2nd LtPilot838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Snead, John ET/SgtFlight Engineer836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Spindler, William HSgtGunner-Tail836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Stanley, Martin ES/SgtRadio Operator836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Stanton, Warren JT/SgtFlight Engineer836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Stanton, Willard WS/SgtFlight Engineer839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Steffens, Eugene F2nd LtCo-Pilot838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Stone, Harold JSgtRadio Operator838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Strong, John H2nd LtBombardier838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Stults, Paul M1st LtPilot836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Sugarman, Joseph M1st LtPilot839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Sullivan, Maurice JS/SgtGunner-Tail836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Sunberg, John LT/SgtRadio Operator837Sunday, March 18, 1945MIA
Swain, Lawrence HT/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Swan, Clement EF/OCo-Pilot836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Swiridow, Louis 2nd LtNavigator839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Thies, Merle J2nd LtCo-Pilot836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Thomas, Eldridge W2nd LtCo-Pilot836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Thoroman, Gordon PT/SgtRadio Operator839Sunday, December 24, 1944MIA
Tollett, Elton S/SgtGunner-Ball Turret838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Tomea, Gordon R1st LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Turnquist, Howard A1st LtPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Uber, Frank J2nd LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Underwood, Allan B2nd LtNavigator838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Van Dyke, Joseph S2nd LtPilot836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Van Kirk, Norman C2nd LtCo-Pilot839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Vassallo, Carmelo FT/SgtRadio Operator839Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Volavka, Melo S/SgtFlight Engineer836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Vukomanovich, Ned SgtGunner-Waist837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Walker, Clarence ES/SgtFlight Engineer839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Walters, Lester R2nd LtBombardier836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Wasson, Robert L2nd LtCo-Pilot838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Weiss, Lester 1st LtNavigator838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Westhoff, Henry BS/SgtGunner-Tail838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
White, John SgtFlight Engineer838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Whyte, Thomas CF/ONavigator837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Willis, Joseph P2nd LtPilot838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Wilson, Max WS/SgtGunner836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Winton, Vernon P2nd LtCo-Pilot837Tuesday, February 6, 1945KIA
Wright, George TSgtGunner-Ball Turret836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Yaegle, Clyde LS/SgtGunner-Waist839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Young, Robert ESgtGunner-Waist836Saturday, February 3, 1945KIA
Zaiger, Roy JSgtGunner-Waist836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Zebora, Rudolph J2nd LtBombardier836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA

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