487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) - added or modified since 1-Jan-2021

Crew Photos

An Unknown 838th Crew (Updated 26-Jan-2021) Unknown Crew and passengers - 838th Squadron
Anderson Crew (Added 27-Mar-2021) Anderson Crew - 839th Squadron
Blaylock Crew (Added 31-May-2021) Blaylock Crew - 836th Squadron
Deuschle Crew (Added 16-Jan-2021) Deuschle crew - 838th Squadron
Emmett Crew (Updated 17-Aug-2021) Emmett crew - 839th Squadron
Gillette Crew (Added 4-Mar-2022) Gillette crew - 836th Squadron
Goethe Crew (Added 27-Nov-2021) Goethe Crew - 837th Squadron
Korthase Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Korthase Crew - 837th Squadron
Kotlan Crew (Added 24-Mar-2021) Kotlan Crew - 838th Squadron
Lang Crew (Updated 2-Dec-2021) Lang crew - 838th Squadron
Sell Crew (Updated 18-Jun-2022) Sell Crew - 837th Squadron
Shepard Crew (Added 27-Nov-2021) Shepard Crew - 839th Squadron - During training

Group Photos

837th Ground Crew Mechanics (Updated 16-May-2022) 837th Squadron Aircraft Mechanics
Bomb Loading Unit (Updated 20-May-2022) 839th Squadron Bomb/Ordnance Unit
Command Officers in front of control tower (Added 31-May-2022) Colonel Martin and other officers
Officers of the Wiebeck crew (Added 19-Mar-2022) Three officers of the Wiebeck Crew

Individual Crew Member Photos

Richard Adams (Added 18-Mar-2022) 1/Lt Richard D. Adams - Waist gunner - 838th Squadron
Milfred Becker (Added 1-Dec-2021) Milfred L. Becker - Tail gunner - 837th Squadron
Frederick Belt (Added 18-Mar-2022) S/Sgt Frederick A. Belt - Waist gunner - 838th Squadron
Glen Blaylock (Added 31-May-2022) 1/Lt Glen D. Blaylock - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Claude Corder (Added 29-Mar-2021) S/Sgt Claude A. Corder - Crew Chief
Andrew Demko (Added 16-Jan-2021) Cpl Andrew Demko - Aircraft mechanic - 837th Squadron
Milton Gunther (Added 1-Dec-2021) 1/Lt Milfred R. Becker - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Harry Hinkson (Added 26-Oct-2021) Sgt Harry M. Hinkson - Tail gunner - 838th Squadron
Victor Masterana (Updated 3-Aug-2022) S/Sgt Victor Masterana - Ball-turret gunner - 838th Squadron
John McHale (Added 18-Aug-2021) 2nd Lt John F. McHale - Navigator - 838th Squadron
Donald Rohlinger (Added 8-Jul-2022) F/O Donald J. Rohlinger - Navigator - 838th Squadron
James Roberts (Added 26-Oct-2021) 1/Lt James H. Roberts - Pilot - 838th Squadron
Allan Underwood (Added 16-Jan-2021) 2/Lt Allan B. Underwood - 838th Squadron

Aircraft Photos

Bea Honest (Added 29-Mar-2021) Bea Honest
Dinah-Mite (Updated 3-Apr-2021) Dinah-Mite, #44-8694 - 839th Squadron
Dinah-Mite (Added 3-Apr-2021) Dinah-Mite, #44-8694 - 839th Squadron - nose art
Treble Four (Added 21-Aug-2021) TrebleFour, #44-8444 - 836th Squadron

KIA/MIA Photos

Mission Photos

Other Photos

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