487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) - added or modified since 1-Jan-2020

Crew Photos

An Unknown 838th Crew (Updated 26-Jan-2021) Unknown Crew and passengers - 838th Squadron
Allard Crew (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Allard Crew - 839th Squadron
Anderson Crew (Added 27-Mar-2021) Anderson Crew - 839th Squadron
Bauer Crew (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Bauer crew - 839th Squadron
Brown Crew (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Brown crew - 839th Squadron
Brown Crew (2nd photo) (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Brown crew - 839th Squadron
Brown Crew (3rd photo) (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Brown crew - 839th Squadron
Buckels Crew (Added 31-Jul-2020) Buckels crew - 838th Squadron
Chaffee Crew (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Chaffee crew - 839th Squadron
Church Crew (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Church crew - 837th Squadron
Cowan Crew (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Cowan crew - 838th Squadron
Crockett Crew (Updated 2-Jul-2020) Crockett crew - 836th Squadron
Cromwell Crew (Updated 11-Aug-2020) Cromwell crew - 838th Squadron
DeSelms Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) DeSelms crew - 839th Squadron
Deuschle Crew (Added 16-Jan-2021) Deuschle crew - 838th Squadron
Echon Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Echon crew - 838th Squadron
Edwards (John H.) Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Edwards crew - 839th Squadron
Emmett Crew (Updated 17-Aug-2021) Emmett crew - 839th Squadron
Eriksen Crew (Updated 1-Aug-2020) Eriksen crew - 839th Squadron - with B-24 Hell's Belle
Eriksen Crew (2nd photo) (Updated 1-Aug-2020) Eriksen crew - 839th Squadron - with B-17 Hell's Belle too
Finch Crew (Updated 30-Jun-2020) Finch Crew - 837th Squadron
Freeburg Crew (Updated 6-Aug-2020) Freeburg crew - 837th Squadron
Hauenstein Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Hauenstein crew - 836th Squadron
Hover Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Hover Crew - 837th Squadron
Huston Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Huston Crew - 837th Squadron
Judd Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Judd Crew - 838th Squadron
Kalebaugh Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Kalebaugh Crew - 838th Squadron
King Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) King Crew - 839th Squadron
Korthase Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2020) Korthase Crew - 837th Squadron
Kotlan Crew (Added 24-Mar-2021) Kotlan Crew - 838th Squadron
Landeck Crew (Updated 9-Jul-2020) Landeck crew - 838th Squadron
Lester Crew (Updated 3-May-2020) Lester Crew - 836th Squadron
Mellen Crew (Updated 9-Jul-2020) Mellen Crew, in Alamagordo - 838th Squadron
Miller Crew (Updated 10-Jul-2020) Miller Crew - 838th Squadron
Munson Crew (Added 9-Feb-2020) Munson Crew - 837th Squadron
Nachiem Crew (Updated 10-Jul-2020) Nachiem Crew - 836th Squadron
Nakielny Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Nakielny Crew - 839th Squadron
Orchard Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Orchard Crew - 837th Squadron
Owens Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Owens Crew - 838th Squadron
Pezzato Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Pezzato Crew - 837th Squadron
Pittsley Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Pittsley Crew - 836th Squadron
Poitevin Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Poitevin crew - 838th Squadron
Poitevin Crew (2nd photo) (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Poitevin Crew (lead crew) 22-Apr-45
Potter Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Potter crew - 839th Squadron
Primmer Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Primmer crew - 837th Squadron
Raymer Crew - during training (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Raymer Crew - 839th Squadron
Raymer Crew - in England (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Raymer Crew - 839th Squadron
Reed Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Reed Crew - 836th Squadron
Reeder Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Reeder Crew - 837th Squadron
Reep Crew officers (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Reep Crew, Officers - 836th Squadron
Rich Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Rich Crew - 838th Squadron
Richards Crew (Added 11-Nov-2020) Richards Crew - 836th Squadron
Richardson Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Richardson Crew - 838th Squadron
Riegel Crew (Updated 11-Jul-2020) Riegel Crew - 838th Squadron
Rothstein Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Rothstein Crew - 836th Squadron
Saunders Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Saunders Crew - 839th Squadron
Schwab Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Schwab Crew - 839th Squadron
Schwarzin Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Schwarzin Crew - 836th Squadron
Settler Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Settler Crew - 838th Squadron
Sherdel Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Sherdel Crew - 837th Squadron
Sherrill Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Sherrill Crew - 839th Squadron
Shields Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Shields Crew - 837th Squadron
Sicard Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Sicard Crew - 839th Squadron
Simons/McCleary Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Simons/McCleary Crew - 838th Squadron
Smith (Bernard C) Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Smith Crew - 839th Squadron
Smith (Bernard C) Crew (2nd photo) (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Smith Crew - 839th Squadron
Smith (F. "Larry") Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Smith (F. "Larry") Crew - 837th Squadron
Smith (Herbert W) Crew (2nd photo) (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Smith Crew - 837th Squadron
Smith (Lynn G) Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Smith (Lynn G) Crew - 837th Squadron
Smoke Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Smoke Crew - 838th Squadron
Spragia Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Spragia Crew - 836th Squadron
Stemple Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Stemple Crew - 838th Squadron
Strauss Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Strauss Crew - 836th Squadron
Thomas Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Thomas Crew - 837th Squadron
Thomas Crew (2nd photo) (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Thomas Crew - 837th Squadron
Turnquist Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Turnquist Crew - 836th Squadron
Waldron Crew (Updated 1-Jul-2020) Waldron Crew - 836th Squadron
Wiebeck Crew (second photo) (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Wiebeck Crew - 839th Squadron
Wolfenberger Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Wolfenberger Crew - 838th Squadron
Young Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Young Crew - 838th Squadron
Zerr Crew (Updated 4-Aug-2020) Zerr Crew - 836th Squadron
Ziegler Crew (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Ziegler Crew - 839th Squadron
Zisk Crew (2nd photo) (Updated 12-Jul-2020) Zisk Crew - 839th Squadron

Group Photos

Debriefing Post mission debriefing of Freeburg crew
Vaughan and Faulkner (Added 25-Jun-2020) 2nd Lt Pilot Bernard E. Vaughan & 2nd Lt Co-pilot Walter O. Faulkner - 837th Squadron
Post Exchange (Added 4-Aug-2020) Post Exchange in operation

Individual Crew Member Photos

Charles Bachmann (Added 11-Nov-2020) S/Sgt Charles "Stu" Bachmann - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Garland Barneby (Added 1-Aug-2020) 2nd Lt Garland L. Barneby - Radar officer - 839th Squadron
Sherwin Bosse (Added 1-Aug-2020) S/Sgt Sherwin P. Bosse - Gunner - 839th Squadron
Kenneth Cassidy (Added 10-Jul-2020) Major Kenneth B. Cassidy - Executive - 837th Squadron
Claude Corder (Added 29-Mar-2021) S/Sgt Claude A. Corder - Crew Chief
Lowell Coy (Updated 21-Aug-2020) S/Sgt Lowell K. Coy Jr.- Ball turret gunner - 837th Squadron
Andrew Demko (Added 16-Jan-2021) Cpl Andrew Demko - Aircraft mechanic - 837th Squadron
George Domitrovich (Added 31-Jul-2020) Sgt George Domitrovich - Waist gunner - 837th Squadron
George Emmett (Added 2-Jul-2020) 2nd Lt George E. Emmett - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Harold Hendricks (Added 1-Aug-2020) S/Sgt Harold E. Hendricks - Flight engineer - 836th Squadron
Joyal Isaacson (Added 6-Aug-2020) 2nd Lt Joyal L. Isaacson - Co-pilot - 838th Squadron
John Jackson (Added 3-May-2020) Sgt John A. Jackson - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Robert King (Added 8-Aug-2020) 2nd Lt Robert King Jr. - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
William Lippy (Added 27-Feb-2020) 2nd Lt William F. Lippy - Navigator - 837th Squadron
Woodrow McGill (Added 5-Jul-2020) Captain Woodrow W. McGill - Navigator - Command crew/HQ
John McHale (Added 18-Aug-2021) 2nd Lt John F. McHale - Navigator - 838th Squadron
Arthur Moir (Added 30-Jun-2020) Arthur W. Moir - Ball-turret gunner - 837th Squadron
Theodore Nachtrieb (Added 4-Aug-2020) 1st Lt Theodore W. Nachtrieb - Co-pilot - 838th Squadron
Robert Plumb (Added 20-Feb-2020) 2nd Lt Robert E. Plumb - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Ludwig Popiel (Added 1-Aug-2020) 1st Lt Ludwig Popiel - Navigator - 838th Squadron
Robert Portsch (Added 4-Aug-2020) 2nd Lt Robert H. Portsch - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Ken Posey (Added 1-Aug-2020) T/Sgt Ken Posey - Radio operator - 839th Squadron
Martin Rosenstock (Added 1-Aug-2020) 1st Lt Martin J. Rosenstock - Bombardier - 837th Squadron
William Shelton (Added 31-Jul-2020) Sgt William M. Shelton - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Bernard Stanek (Added 10-Aug-2020) Major Bernard J. Stanek - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
Victor Tuft (Added 10-Jul-2020) Captain Victor E. Tuft - Engineering officer - 837th Squadron
Warren Turner (Added 17-Mar-2020) 1st Lt Warren E. Turner - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Allan Underwood (Added 16-Jan-2021) 2nd Lt Allan B. Underwood - 838th Squadron
Bernard Vaughan (Added 25-Jun-2020) 2nd Lt Bernard E. Vaughan - Pilot - 837th Squadron

Aircraft Photos

43-38278 (Added 30-Jun-2020) 43-38278 - 839th Squadron
43-39249 (Added 3-Jul-2020) 43-39249 - 836th Squadron
Bea Honest (Added 29-Mar-2021) Bea Honest
The Big Drip Jr. (Added 21-Aug-2020) The Big Drip Jr, #43-37974 - 839th Squadron - in flight
Dinah-Mite (Updated 3-Apr-2021) Dinah-Mite, #44-8694 - 839th Squadron
Dinah-Mite (Added 3-Apr-2021) Dinah-Mite, #44-8694 - 839th Squadron - nose art
Heavenly Body (Added 1-Aug-2020) Heavenly Body, #43-38154 - 836th Squadron - nose art
Heavenly Body (2nd photo) (Updated 1-Aug-2020) Heavenly Body #43-38154 & Liberty Belle #43-38037 - 836th Squadron
Hell's Belle too (Updated 1-Aug-2020) Hell's Belle too B-17 #43-38003 with Eriksen crew - 839th Squadron
Liberty Belle (2nd photo) (Updated 1-Aug-2020) Liberty Belle #43-38037 & Heavenly Body #43-38154 - 836th Squadron
Treble Four (Added 21-Aug-2021) TrebleFour, #44-8444 - 836th Squadron

KIA/MIA Photos

Mission Photos

Strike photo 5-Nov-44 (Added 10-Jul-2020) Strike on Ludwigshafen, Germany
Mission Photo 4-June-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Strike on Bretigny Airfield, France
Mission Map 11-June-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission to Argentan Airfield, France
Mission Map 20-July-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission to Russelsheim, Germany
Mission Map 4-Aug-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission to Nordholz, Germany
Mission Photo 5-Aug-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Strike on Magdeburg, Germany Airplane factory
Mission Photo 6-Aug-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Strike on Berlin, Germany, industrial plant
Mission Photo 15-Aug-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Strike on Twente-Enschede, Netherlands, airfield
Mission Photo 18-Aug-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Strike on St. Dizier, France, airfield
Mission Map 1-Sep-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission map Russelsheim, Germany
Mission Photo 1-Sep-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission photo Ludwigshafen, Germany, chemical plant
Mission Photo 15-Oct-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission photo Cologne, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 19-Oct-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission map Mannheim, Germany, motor transport works
Mission Map 26-Oct-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission map Hanover, Germany, gun factory
Mission Photo 28-Oct-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission photo Hamm, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 28-Oct-44 (Added 21-Jul-2020) Mission map Hamm, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 6-Nov-44 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission map Neumunster, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 9-Nov-44 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission map Saarbrucken, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 4-Dec-44 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission map Mainz, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 15-Dec-44 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission map Hanover, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 29-Dec-44 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission map Aschaffenburg, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 6-Jan-45 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission map Ludwigshafen, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Photo 9-Mar-45 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission photo Frankfurt, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 11-Mar-45 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission map Hamburg, Germany, Industrial area and shipyards
Mission Photo 14-Mar-45 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission photo Hanover, Germany, tank factory
Mission Photo 15-Mar-45 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission photo Oranienburg, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Photo 18-Mar-45 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission photo Berlin, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Photo 9-Apr-45 (Added 22-Jul-2020) Mission photo Neuburg, Germany, oil storage depot

Other Photos

Over Paris (Added 1-Aug-2020) B-17 44-8530 over Paris after VE day on a 'Cooks' tour
Hay Stacks (Added 1-Aug-2020) Hay stacks on the base, showing this was a working farm

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