487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) - added or modified since 1-Jan-2019

Crew Photos

Martin Crew (Updated 24-May-2019) Martin Crew - 837th Squadron
Munson Crew (Added 9-Feb-2020) Munson Crew - 837th Squadron
Pezzato Crew (Updated 28-May-2019) Pezzato Crew - 837th Squadron
Squier Crew (Added 28-Mar-2019) Squier Crew - 839th Squadron
West Crew (Added 19-Nov-2019) West Crew - 838th Squadron

Group Photos

837th Ground crew (Updated 1-Feb-2019) 837th Ground Crew with Miss Bea Havin, #43-3790

Individual Crew Member Photos

Ray Avey (Added 6-Jun-2019) T/Sgt Ray J. Avey Jr. - Radio operator - 839th Squadron
William Lippy (Added 27-Feb-2020) 2nd Lt William F. Lippy - Navigator - 837th Squadron
Robert Plumb (Added 20-Feb-2020) 2nd Lt Robert E. Plumb - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Bruno Sestini (Added 13-Feb-2019) Sgt Bruno Sestini - Armorer gunner - 837th Squadron
Neal Shafer (Added 13-Feb-2019) 1st Lt Neal E. Shafer - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Robert Taylor (Added 21-Aug-2019) Col Robert Taylor III - Group Commanding Officer - 12-May-44 to 12-Dec-44
Donald Tobias (Added 4-Jun-2019) Sgt Donald W. Tobias - Crew Chief
Carmelo Vassallo (Added 22-Apr-2019) T/Sgt Carmelo F. Vassallo - Radio operator - 839th Squadron
Warren Turner (Added 17-Mar-2020) 1st Lt Warren E. Turner - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Elmer Youngblood (Added 28-Mar-2019) S/Sgt Elmer L. Youngblood - Flight engineer - 836th Squadron

Aircraft Photos

43-39234 (Added 9-Dec-2019) 43-39234 - 838th Squadron
43-39279 (Added 15-Apr-2019) 43-39279 - 838th Squadron
Carry Me Back (Added 5-Apr-2019) Carry Me Back, #43-39045 - 838th Squadron
Miss Bea Havin (2nd photo) (Updated 1-Feb-2019) Miss Bea Havin, #43-37901 - 837th Squadron - with many ground crew

KIA/MIA Photos

Other Photos

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