487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) - added or modified since 1-Jan-2016

Crew Photos

Duncan Crew (Updated 17-Oct-2017) Duncan crew - 839th Squadron
Gross Crew (Updated 19-Apr-2017) Gross crew - 838th Squadron
Hutchison Crew (Added 6-May-2017) Hutchison Crew - 837th Squadron
Jackson Crew (Added 31-Jan-2016) Jackson Crew - 836th Squadron
Lauraine Crew (Updated 24-Jun-2016) Lauraine crew - 837th Squadron
Lee Crew (Added 6-May-2017) Lee Crew - 836th Squadron
McDonagh Crew (Updated 3-Nov-2017) McDonagh Crew - 839th Squadron
Pratt Crew (Added 18-Mar-2017) Pratt crew - 837th Squadron
Preston Crew Enlisted personnel (Added 5-Jan-2016) Roger G. Preston crew, enlisted personnel - 839th Squadron
Preston Crew Officers (Added 16-Jan-2016) Roger G. Preston crew, officers - 839th Squadron
Peyton Crew (Updated 25-Jan-2016) Joseph Peyton Crew - 836th Squadron
Richardson Crew (Updated 16-Aug-2016) Richardson Crew - 838th Squadron
Sheldon Crew (Updated 4-Jul-2017) Sheldon Crew - 839th Squadron
Volechenisky Crew (Updated 1-Feb-2016) VolecheniskyCrew Crew - 838th Squadron

Group Photos

8th Anti submarine personnel (Added 5-Aug-2016) Personnel of the 8th Anti submarine Squadron
837th Squadron supply group (Added 28-Sep-2016) Personnel of 837th Supply group
Morrison & Sullivan (Added 10-Jun-2016) S/Sgt Everett S. 'Pete' Morrison & S/Sgt Maurice J. Sullivan - 836th Squadron
Preston Crew Enlisted personnel (Added 16-Feb-2016) Preston crew, enlisted personnel - 839th Squadron
Preston Crew Officers (Added 16-Feb-2016) Preston crew, officers - 839th Squadron

Individual Crew Member Photos

Ed Auer (Added 12-May-2017) Captain Edmund F. Auer - Navigator - 836th Squadron
William Brown (Added 4-Dec-2017) F/O William A. Brown - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
Robert Byerly (Added 1-May-2017) T/Sgt Robert S. Byerly - Radio operator - 837th Squadron
Frank Casey (Added 12-May-2017) Captain Frank L. Casey - Pilot - 837th Squadron
William Choniski (Added 16-Aug-2016) Lt Col William J. Choniski - 836th Squadron
Thomas Cole (Added 29-Sep-2016) 1st/Sgt Thomas Cole - 837th Squadron
Varsall Cowley (Added 18-Mar-2017) S/Sgt Varsall C. Cowley - Waist gunner - 837th Squadron
Thomas Edwards (Added 5-Jan-2016) T/Sgt Thomas R. Edwards - Flight engineer - 839th Squadron
George Ferenchak (Added 20-May-2016) S/Sgt George J. Ferenchak - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Robert Foran (Added 12-Jan-2016) S/Sgt Robert E. Foran - 837th Squadron
Walter Hale (Added 12-Jan-2016) Sgt Walter Hale - 837th Squadron
Vasken Haroian (Added 22-Aug-2016) Sgt Vasken A. Haroian - Aerial gunner - 838th Squadron
Bob Heard (Added 17-Jan-2017) Bob W. Heard - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Roy Hon (Added 2-Apr-2017) S/Sgt Roy C. Hon - Tail gunner - 838th Squadron
Thomas Mackie (Added 12-May-2017) 2nd Lt Thomas S. Mackie - Bombardier - 838th Squadron
John Madison (Added 12-May-2017) T/Sgt John M. Madison - Ball turret gunner - 838th Squadron
Robert Mason (Added 8-Jun-2017) Cpl Robert S. Mason - A & E Mechanic - 838th Squadron
Martin Meger (Added 5-Jan-2016) Sgt Martin E. Meger - Ball turret gunner - 839th Squadron
Jerome Moderski (Added 18-Dec-2016) 1st Lt Jerome D. Moderski - Bombardier - 837th Squadron
John Nordstrom (Added 14-Jul-2016) 1st Lt John W. Nordstrom - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Roe Sanders (Added 14-Jul-2016) S/Sgt Roe V. Sanders - Crew chief - 839th Squadron
Stanley Smith (Added 5-Jun-2017) 2nd Lt Stanley G. Smith - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Royal Snell (Added 12-May-2017) 2nd Lt Royal K. Snell - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Ralph Snyder (Added 5-Feb-2016) 1st Lt Ralph W. Snyder - Group ordnance officer
Homer Wilt (Added 5-Jan-2016) S/Sgt Homer Wilt - Waist gunner - 839th Squadron

Aircraft Photos

44-8530 (Added 29-Sep-2016) 44-8530 - 836th Squadron
44-8606 (Added 5-Jun-2017) 44-8606 - 836th Squadron
44-8878 (Updated 29-Sep-2016) 44-8878 - 836th Squadron
Dipsy Dee (Added 26-Oct-2016) Dipsey Dee, #42-52640 - 839th Squadron
Going Up Doc - nose art (Added 29-Sep-2016) Going Up Doc - B-24, unknown squadron
Happy Warrior (Added 16-Nov-2017) Happy Warrior - #43-38254 - 838th Squadron
Liberty Belle (Updated 31-Jan-2016) Liberty Belle - #43-38037 - 836th Squadron
Lumbering Lizzy (Updated 16-Jan-2016) LumberingLizzy, #42-52578 - 836th Squadron
Okmulgee Special (Added 14-Jul-2016) Okmulgee Special - 839th Squadron
Ole Andy of Kansas (Added 1-Feb-2016) Ole Andy of Kansas, #41-29528 - 836th/838th Squadron
Sammy's Niece (Updated 25-Jan-2016) Sammy's Niece, B-24 - #42-52766 - 836th Squadron

KIA/MIA Photos

Turnquist, H.A. (Updated 29-Mar-2016) 1st Lt Howard A. Turnquist, Monroe "Silent City" Cemetery, Monroe, IA

Other Photos

Flight over Paris (Added 29-Sep-2016) B-17's #44-8530 & #44-8878 over Paris 9-May-1945

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