487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Memoirs of Gramflakes
by: Eleanor B. Hayes

About the author:

Eleanor was inspired by her father at an early age to appreciate family history. During her retired, lonely years as a widow she started writing for entertainment. She did not enjoy “pity parties” and found a joy in sitting in front of her computer to write about her memories. Some of her children and friends enjoyed hearing about past events that interested them and encouraged her to write. She was the only girl and oldest child and spent the majority of her growing up years around adults as they told their stories. That was their prime entertainment. She would like to inspire others to make notes and write stories for their future generations. She found that it is amazing how much one can remember and relive as the words appear on the computer screen.

At a recent book signing at Hall of Fame at Quail Ridge Country Club, this was how Eleanor and her book were described:

Read her memories of the "old folks" telling about the boys walking home from the Civil War dirty, hungry and without shoes, of relatives dying because of slow horse and buggy transportation, and the great influenza. Feel the distress of her own experiences growing up in the Great Depression, of her family's loss of their home and farm, and of the bank closing and the total loss of her meager savings. Join her family around the radio on Sunday, December 7, 1941 when Franklin Roosevelt announces the attack on Pearl Harbor. Marvel at the courage of her trip from North Carolina to New Mexico to marry her true love. Sense her anxiety of knowing her husband was in harm's way on bombing missions over Nazi Germany in B-17 and B-24 aircraft. Experience life on a small farm and the real "family values" of the 1950's. Shake your head at her children coming of age in the turbulent 60's. Nod your head knowingly as she serves as a caregiver to her husband, mother, father and brothers in their sicknesses and death. Smile at her finding courage at 82 to move and homestead in Florida and her joy in this community and its wonderful people.

Ordering information:

The book can be ordered at Xlibris, or at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders.

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