487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the 487th Bombardment Group (H)
Something or someone is unidentified in these photos

Photos with incomplete identification
Callison Crew Callison crew - 836th Squadron
Campbell Crew Campbell crew - 837th Squadron
Cooper Crew Cooper crew - 839th Squadron
Edwards (William A.) Crew Edwards crew - 839th Squadron
Headley Crew Headley Crew (perhaps) - 837th Squadron
Hough Crew Hough Crew - "Fearless Fosdick" 837th Squadron
Huston Crew Huston Crew - 837th Squadron
Jackson Crew Jackson Crew - 836th Squadron
Landeck Crew Landeck crew - 838th Squadron
Lauraine Crew Lauraine crew - 837th Squadron
Lester Crew Lester Crew - 836th Squadron
McCarty Crew McCarty Crew - 838th Squadron
Mellen Crew Mellen Crew, in Lavenham - 838th Squadron
Miller Crew Miller Crew - 838th Squadron
Munson Crew Munson Crew - 837th Squadron
Nakielny Crew Nakielny Crew - 839th Squadron
Pizzato Crew Pizzato Crew - 837th Squadron
Poitevin Crew (2nd photo) Poitevin Crew (lead crew) 22-Apr-45
Pratt Crew Pratt Crew - 837th Squadron
Richardson Crew Richardson Crew - 838th Squadron
Rush Crew Rush Crew - 837th Squadron
Sheldon Crew Sheldon Crew - 839th Squadron
Smith (Bernard C) Crew Smith Crew - 839th Squadron
Smith (Bernard C) Crew (2nd photo) Smith Crew - 839th Squadron
Squier Crew Squier Crew - 839th Squadron
Tintary Crew Tintary Crew - 839th Squadron
487 Rock Its The "487 Rock Its" during a performance of the band
8th Anti submarine personnel Personnel of the 8th Anti-submarine Squadron
669th Engineering Squadron Aero Engineering Squadron
837th Ground Crew Mechanics 837th Squadron Aircraft Mechanics
838th Squadron Armament group
838th Ground Crew 838th Ground Crew
838th Squadron Orderly Orderly group - Bruning Nebraska
Bomb Loaders Taking care of the 'packages'
Bomb Loading Unit Bomb/Ordnance Unit
Boyd and Others Photo thought to have been taken around Alamogordo during training
Max Christensen & others Max Christensen and others - perhaps 836th squadron members
Christmas 1944 Christmas party 1944
Enlisted men Enlisted group, presumably on leave - 836th Squadron
Mess personnel Without these guys, you starve!
James Brooks Captain James G. Brooks - 837th Squadron
George Green & Friend Sgt George H. Green and friend
44-6845 44-6845 - 838th Squadron
44-8843 44-8843 - 836th Squadron
Miss Bea Havin Miss Bea Havin #43-37901 - 837th Squadron
Miss Bea Havin (2nd photo) Miss Bea Havin #43-37901 - 837th Squadron - with many crew
Sammy's Niece Sammy's Niece, B-24 - #42-52766 - 836th Squadron
Shady Lady II Shady Lady II - Is this a 487th aircraft?
Bell Choir A unique Bell Choir photo
Bell Choir Another unique Bell Choir photo
British Lads Does anyone recognize these British Lads visiting the base
Major Fisher & Robbie Major Fisher with Robbie the owner of the Swan
Red Cross Coffee Men of the 837th Squadron enjoying a coffee break
VE Day VE Day party in the officers mess
Volleyball game Volleyball game somewhere on base

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