487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Books and posters of the
487th Bombardment Group (H)

There are several fine books available about the 487th Bomb Group (H). This page summarizes some of them and by clicking the book name, you will be taken to another web page that describes the book and how it may be ordered.

If you are aware of other books about the 487th Bomb Group, please let me know and that information can be added to the list. Please send me email with the information on any and all such books. It doesn't matter if they are out of print. We want to let people know what might be available, even if the books are only available in the 'used' market.

God was our Pilot Editor: Robert Irving Desourdis Memoir of Bernard "Barney" Thomas Nolan. Barney is known to many of us as one of the early members of the 487th Bomb Group. Click here to see an ad for this book and the link to the left to see information about how to order copies of the book.
12 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Ghost Plane at the Battle of the Bulge Author: Ralph Coleman Graham A WWII B-17 Radio Operator published his book Oct 2020 at the age of 98. Tells of his entry into the service, training and serving in the European Theatre in the 487th Bomb Group, specifically The Battle of the Bulge.
Hitler's Last Christmas Author: Donald Kilburg Jr. describes the 24-Dec-1944 mission of the 8th Air Force that helped break the back of the German's in the Battle of the Bulge where they attempted their last push against the Allies who were pushing strongly to the East against Hitler's Reich.
487th Bomb Group Blue Book Author: Leo Burbridge (former Adjutant of the 487th Bomb Group) Published in the decade after the war from photos Leo and others recovered prior to their being lost.

Additionally, clicking here gives you a way to download the entire book

Hard copies of this book sometimes appear on eBay.
The War Years Author: Irving Schreiber Lt Schreiber, navigator in the Zisk crew of the 839th squadron describes his time during the war years.
The Deadly Skies
Isiah's Eagles Rising
Author: Bernard "Barney" Nolan "The Deadly Skies", Barneys newest book is described in part, "The history of air combat in Europe during WWII is grippingly described by a man who was there and who has had decades of experience and research to put his experiences in perspective."
"Isiah's Eagles Rising" is a book of the authors personal experiences before, during and after his service with the 487th Bomb Group
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On Heroic Wings Authors: Barry A. Lanman & Laura M. Wendling > Don Kilburg brought this book to our attention and says, "A new book has just been released by the Distinguished Flying Cross Society entitled "On Heroic Wings" and tells the story of many of those who have been awarded the DFC from Charles Lindbergh to present. Page 274 details the involvement of two members of the 487th--Pilot John "Pappy" Edwards and Bombardier Don Kilburg Sr.--who led the Christmas Eve 1944 on to success after General Frederick Castle's and many aircraft of the low formation were shot from the sky."
Wings of Tru Love Author: Kenneth C. Drinnon > This book is authored by Ken Drinnon, S/Sgt ball-turret gunner of the 838th Squadron of the 487th. This book came to our attention because of a posting by Ken's son-in-law, Dave Foulk. Click this link to see how to order your copy.
Photo History of the 487th Bomb Group (H) Authors: Ivo de Jong, Lee Hauenstein, Paul Webber > This book, a companion volume to "The History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)", is now published. Copies can be ordered. Click this link to see how to order your copy or copies.
Memoirs of Gramflakes Author: Eleanor B. Hayes > A book by our "very own" Eleanor, about her life, which is significantly intertwined with her husband Grayson Hayes who served as flight engineer with the 487th Bomb Group/838th Squadron.
Flack Dead Ahead! Author: Aristotle "Art" Taktikos (S/Sgt, tail gunner, 837th Squadron)> An Autobiography of My War Years
Gentlemen From Hell:
Men of the 487th Bomb Group
Author: Cindy Neal > A book of the personal stories of men of the 487th Bomb Group collected by the Author
The History of the 487th Bomb Group (H) Author: Ivo de Jong > This book must be considered to be the definitive history of the 487th Bomb Group
Flak at 12 O'Clock Author: Dean M. Bloyd > The book by a co-pilot of the 487th Bomb Group where he describes his experiences of training, then serving with the 487th Bomb Group
Flying High Author: Eleanor Payne Yowell > In this book, the author gives a very personal view of the war by sharing letters between she and her husband William "Pinky" Yowell, a pilot with the 837th squadron of the 487th Bomb Group
A Glimpse of Hell: The World War II Years Author: James E. Brooks > The author tells his story of training as part of a 487th bomber crew, the missions and the story of his time as a POW
"12 O'Clock High"
"I wanted wings"
Presumed dead: The survival of a bomb group commander
Author: Beirne Lay > The author of these books was the commander of the 487th Bomb Group when it deployed overseas. Probably the best know author of the group. "12 O'Clock High" (co-authored by Sy Bartlett) also became a well known movie and TV series.
Roger Lane posters Artist: Roger Lane > This artist has produced these posters depicting 487th scenes and aircraft

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