487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Combat Missions

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# Date Target Notes Air Leader
1Sunday, May 7, 1944Liege, BelgiumMarshalling YardsDon Pomeroy
2Monday, May 8, 1944Brussels, BelgiumSchaerbeek Marshalling YardsBeirne Lay
3Tuesday, May 9, 1944Laon, FranceLaon-Couvron Airfield 
4Thursday, May 11, 1944Troyes, FranceChaumont Marshalling Yards

Aircraft lost:
42-29468, Vratny crew - 838th Sqd
42-52763, Brodsky crew - 838th Sqd
42-52444, McCleary crew - 838th Sqd
41-29481, Duncan crew - 837th Sqd

CO Lt Col Beirne Lay, Air Leader on Vratny crew, evaded capture with 2/Lt Walter Duer
Beirne Lay
5Saturday, May 20, 1944Liege, BelgiumMarshalling Yards

Aircraft lost:
42-52743, Goethe crew - 837th Sqd, crashed shortly after takeoff, in Long Melford
Robert Taylor
6Tuesday, May 23, 1944Etampes Mondesir, FranceEtampes-Mondesir AirfieldRobert Taylor
7Wednesday, May 24, 1944Poix, FrancePoix Airfield 
8Thursday, May 25, 1944Montignie sur SambreCharleroi Marshalling YardsRobert Taylor
9Saturday, May 27, 1944Metz, FranceMetz Aero-Engine Works 
10Sunday, May 28, 1944Lutzkendorf, GermanyLutzkendorf Oil Refinery

Aircraft lost:
42-52651, Burckes crew - 837th Sqd
Robert Taylor
11Monday, May 29, 1944Politz, GermanyPolitz Oil Refinery

Aircraft lost:
42-52577, Willis crew - 838th Sqd
12Tuesday, May 30, 1944Munster, GermanyMunster-Handorf Airfield

Aircraft lost:
42-52739, McCarty crew - 838th Sqd, ditched in channel
Russell Fisher
13Wednesday, May 31, 1944Jemelle, BelgiumMarshalling Yards

Weather caused abandonment of mission, although one crew bombed a target of opportunity
Howard Todt
14Sunday, June 4, 1944Bretigny, FranceBretigny AirfieldLyndall Avery
15Tuesday, June 6, 1944Caen, FranceCrossroads at Caen, France

Aircraft lost:
42-52629, Gross crew - 838th Sqd, apparently ditched in channel
Bernard Stanek
16Tuesday, June 6, 1944Thury-Harcourt, FranceRailroad bridgeTheobold Remaklus
17Tuesday, June 6, 1944Lisieux, FranceLisieux Crossroads 
18Wednesday, June 7, 1944Montjean, FranceMontjean Bridge

Aircraft lost:
42-52624, Schwab crew - 839th Sqd
John Hammett
19Thursday, June 8, 1944Tours, FranceCinq Mars BridgeRussell Fisher
20Sunday, June 11, 1944Argentan, FranceArgentan AirfieldRichard Munson
21Monday, June 12, 1944Beauvais, FranceBeauvais-Nivellers AirfieldLyndall Avery
22Wednesday, June 14, 1944Lille Vendeville, FranceLille-Vendeville and Laon Airfields

Group flew as two separate formations
Eberhart leading two squadrons, Ozbolt leading one squadron
Francis Eberhart
23Thursday, June 15, 1944Etampes Mondesir, FranceEtampes-Mondesir AirfieldLawrence Herman
24Saturday, June 17, 1944Alencon Lonray, FranceAlencon AirfieldFred Peck
25Tuesday, June 20, 1944Misburg, GermanyMisburg Oil Refinery

Aircraft lost:
42-95217, Erwin crew - 838th Sqd
Lyndall Avery
26Tuesday, June 20, 1944Pas de Calais, FranceV-Weapon siteHoward Todt
27Thursday, June 22, 1944Pas de Calais, FranceV-Weapon siteDavid Reed
28Friday, June 23, 1944Coulommiers Juvincourt, FranceCoulommiers and Juvincourt Airfields

Aircraft lost:
42-28822, Van Dyke crew, 836th Sqd
George Richmond
29Saturday, June 24, 1944Chateaudun, FranceChateaudun Airfield 
30Sunday, June 25, 1944Bourges, FranceBourges Airfield 
31Sunday, June 25, 1944Romilly-Sur-Seine, FranceNantueil Bridge 
32Tuesday, June 27, 1944Domleger, FranceDomleger Military Installation 
33Friday, June 30, 1944Conches Evreux, FranceConches and Evreux airfields 
34Sunday, July 2, 1944Belloy-Sur-Somme, FranceV-Weapon site

Aircraft lost:
42-52609, Logan crew - 836th Sqd
35Tuesday, July 4, 1944Creil, FranceCreil Airfield 
36Wednesday, July 5, 1944Eindhoven, HollandEindhoven Airfield 
37Thursday, July 6, 1944Belloy-Sur-Somme, FranceV-Weapon site 
38Saturday, July 8, 1944Laloge Au Pain, FranceV-Weapon site

Mighty 8th War Diary states - 1 487th B-24 Cat E (Damaged beyond economical repair while engaged in performing operational mission)
39Sunday, July 9, 1944FranceV-Weapon siteWinston Rogers
40Wednesday, July 12, 1944FranceV-Weapon site 
41Friday, July 14, 1944Peronne, FrancePeronne Airfield 
42Monday, July 17, 1944Gien, FranceRailroad bridge

Aircraft lost:
42-52581, Borchert crew - 838th Sqd, crashed on approach to Lavenham airfield
Mayfield Shilling
43Tuesday, July 18, 1944Frenouville, FranceGerman troop concentrationsWinston Rogers
44Wednesday, July 19, 1944Saarbrucken, GermanyMarshalling YardsFred Peck
45Thursday, July 20, 1944Russelsheim, GermanyFactoryFrancis Eberhart
46Friday, July 21, 1944Kempten, GermanyKempten Aircraft Factory

Final B-24 mission for the group
47Tuesday, August 1, 1944Tours, FranceTours Airfield

First mission after transition to B-17's
48Wednesday, August 2, 1944Val-des-Joncs, FranceLa Briqueterie and Val-des-Joncs V-Weapon sites 
49Thursday, August 3, 1944Joigny-Laroche, FranceJoigny railroad bridge 
50Friday, August 4, 1944Nordholz, GermanyHamburg Oil RefineryRobert Taylor
51Saturday, August 5, 1944Magdeburg, GermanyMageburg Airplane Factory

Aircraft lost:
43-38007, Deuschle crew - 838th Sqd
52Sunday, August 6, 1944Berlin, GermanyBerlin Industrial Plant

Aircraft lost:
43-37805, Hatfield crew - 837th Sqd
Francis Eberhart
53Monday, August 7, 1944Jussy, FranceJussy Railroad Bridge 
54Tuesday, August 8, 1944St. Sylvain, FranceGround support near Saint Sylvain 
55Wednesday, August 9, 1944Nuremberg, GermanyNuremberg Ball Bearing works original target, target of opportunity marshalling yard in St. Vith Belgium actually bombed Flesher
56Friday, August 11, 1944Villacoublay, FranceBelfort Marshalling yards and Villacoublay Airfield, France 
57Sunday, August 13, 1944Seine & Dreaux, FranceTactical Support of Ground Troops 
58Monday, August 14, 1944Sandhofen, GermanySandhofen Airfield 
59Tuesday, August 15, 1944Twente-Enschede, HollandTwente Airfield 
60Wednesday, August 16, 1944Rositz, GermanyRositz and Zeitz Oil Refineries 
61Friday, August 18, 1944St. Dizier, FranceSt. Dizier Airfield 
62Thursday, August 24, 1944Freital, GermanyFreital Oil Refinery 
63Friday, August 25, 1944Rechlin, GermanyRechlin Experimental Airfield

Aircraft lost:
43-37980, Duncan crew - 839th Sqd
Francis Eberhart
64Saturday, August 26, 1944Brest, FranceCoastal defenses at Brest 
65Sunday, August 27, 1944Berlin, GermanyDaimler-Benz Engine factory

Heavy cloud cover forced mission abort at enemy coast
Howard Todt
66Friday, September 1, 1944Russelsheim, GermanyClouds at the French coast forced turn back 
67Sunday, September 3, 1944Brest, FranceTactical Targets 
68Friday, September 8, 1944Mainz, GermanySupply depot 
69Saturday, September 9, 1944Dusseldorf, GermanyArmament factory 
70Sunday, September 10, 1944Nuremberg, GermanyTank and motor factory 
71Monday, September 11, 1944Bohlen, GermanyOil refinery 
72Tuesday, September 12, 1944Magdeburg, GermanyOil refinery

Aircraft lost:
44-6305, Preston crew - 838th Sqd
73Wednesday, September 13, 1944Darmstadt, GermanyMarshalling yardsHoward Todt
74Sunday, September 17, 1944Schouwen Island, HollandFlak gun emplacements 
75Tuesday, September 19, 1944Limburg, GermanyBridge at Limburg

Original target, oil refinery near Rheine, Germany couldn't be attacked because of solid cloud cover. Bridge at Limburg was attacked as target of opportunity
76Friday, September 22, 1944Kassel, GermanyTank factory

Aircraft lost:
43-38260, Smith crew - 837th Sqd
Francis Eberhart
77Monday, September 25, 1944Ludwigshafen, GermanyMarshalling yards 
78Tuesday, September 26, 1944Bremen, GermanyMotor factoryJohn Hammett
79Wednesday, September 27, 1944Ludwigshafen, GermanyChemical plantHoward Todt
80Thursday, September 28, 1944Merseburg, GermanyOil refinery

Aircraft lost:
44-6463, Lamason crew - 839th Sqd
Bernard Stanek
81Saturday, September 30, 1944Bielefeld, GermanyMarshalling yards

Aircraft lost:
43-38037, Jackson crew - 836th Sqd
43-38154, Oesch crew - 836th Sqd
Francis Eberhart
82Monday, October 2, 1944Kassel, GermanyTank factoryLyndall Avery
83Tuesday, October 3, 1944NurembergTank factory, GermanyJohn Hammett
84Friday, October 6, 1944Berlin, GermanyArmor depotHoward Todt
85Saturday, October 7, 1944Lutzkendorf, GermanyOil refineryFrancis Eberhart
86Monday, October 9, 1944Mainz, GermanyMarshalling yardsLyndall Avery
87Saturday, October 14, 1944Cologne, GermanyMarshalling yardsRussell Fisher
88Sunday, October 15, 1944Cologne, GermanyMarshalling yards

Aircraft lost:
42-38008, Warner crew - 839th Sqd
Raymond Dunn
89Tuesday, October 17, 1944Cologne, GermanyMarshalling yardsJohn Hammett
90Wednesday, October 18, 1944Kassel, GermanyMarshalling yardsHoward Todt
91Thursday, October 19, 1944Mannheim, GermanyMotor transport worksFrancis Eberhart
92Sunday, October 22, 1944Munster, GermanyMarshalling yardsLyndall Avery
93Thursday, October 26, 1944Hannover, GermanyGun factoryJohn Hammett
94Saturday, October 28, 1944Hamm, GermanyMarshalling yards

Mission map can be seen here: Mission Map 28-Oct-44
Robert Taylor
95Thursday, November 2, 1944Merseburg, GermanyOil refineryHoward Todt
96Saturday, November 4, 1944Neuenkirchen, GermanyCoking plantFrancis Eberhart
97Sunday, November 5, 1944Ludwigshafen, GermanyChemical works

Aircraft lost:
43-37858, Schwarzin crew - 836th Sqd
Lyndall Avery
98Monday, November 6, 1944Neumunster, GermanyMarshalling yardsRaymond Dunn
99Thursday, November 9, 1944Saarbrucken, GermanyFort at Thionville, France and Marshalling yards, Saarbrucken, Germany

Aircraft lost:
44-6290, Herring crew - 836th Sqd
John Hammett
100Saturday, November 11, 1944Oberlahnstein, GermanyMarshalling yardsHoward Todt
101Thursday, November 16, 1944Duren, GermanyTroop concentration, Duren area 
102Tuesday, November 21, 1944Merseburg, Germany (recalled)Target was to be oil refinery, MerseburgLyndall Avery
103Saturday, November 25, 1944Merseburg, GermanyOil refinery

Aircraft lost:
44-6307, Shields crew - 837th Sqd
42-97997, Lauraine crew - 839th Sqd
Raymond Dunn
104Sunday, November 26, 1944Hamm, GermanyMarshalling yards

Aircraft lost:
43-38141, Davidson crew - 839th Sqd
John Hammett
105Monday, November 27, 1944Bingen, GermanyMarshalling yardsHoward Todt
106Thursday, November 30, 1944Merseburg, GermanyOil refinery

Aircraft lost:
43-37887, Kersten crew, 836th Sqd
Francis Eberhart
107Saturday, December 2, 1944Cobbling, GermanyMarshalling yards (mission recalled near I.P.)Russell Fisher
108Monday, December 4, 1944Mainz, GermanyMarshalling yardsLyndall Avery
109Wednesday, December 6, 1944Merseburg, GermanyOil refineryRaymond Dunn
110Monday, December 11, 1944Giessen, GermanyMarshalling yards Richard
111Tuesday, December 12, 1944Darmstadt, GermanyMarshalling yardsJohn Hammett
112Friday, December 15, 1944Hannover, GermanyMarshalling yards

Aircraft lost:
43-38003, Edwards crew - 839th Sqd
Howard Todt
113Monday, December 18, 1944Mainz, GermanyMarshalling yardsFrancis Eberhart
114Sunday, December 24, 1944Babenhausen, GermanyAirfield at Babenhausen

Aircraft lost:
44-4844, Harriman crew - 836th Sqd
44-8121, Reed crew - 836th Sqd
44-8192, Lang crew - 838th Sqd
43-37569, Ball crew - 836th Sqd, aircraft from 839th Sqd
43-38926, Waldron crew - 836th Sqd
44-8614, Turnquist crew - 836th Sqd, aircraft from 838th Sqd
42-102497, Curtiss crew - 836th Sqd
42-98019, Kraker crew, 839th Sqd, aircraft from 838th Sqd

487th led the 8th Air Force on this mission
Brig. General Frederick Castle, Air Leader on Harriman crew awared Medal of Honor
Frederick Castle
115Thursday, December 28, 1944Coblenz, GermanyMarshalling yardHoward Todt
116Friday, December 29, 1944Aschaffenburg, GermanyMarshalling yards

Aircraft lost:
43-38169, Perrot crew - 838th Sqd

Both Major John Hammett and 1/Lt Stephen Sherrill are shown as Air Leaders
John Hammett
117Saturday, December 30, 1944Mannheim, GermanyMarshalling yardsHoward Todt
118Sunday, December 31, 1944Hamburg, GermanyOil refinery

Aircraft lost:
42-97398, Gatlin crew - 836th Sqd, aircraft from 838th Sqd
John Hammett
119Monday, January 1, 1945Ehmen & Coblenz, GermanyOil storage depot at Ehmen and Marshalling yards at CoblenzLyndall Avery
120Tuesday, January 2, 1945Nalbach Area, GermanyEnemy positions, tactical targetsFrancis Eberhart
121Wednesday, January 3, 1945Aschaffenburg, GermanyMarshalling yards at Aschaffenburg and PforzheimJohn Hammett
122Saturday, January 6, 1945Ludwigshafen, GermanyMarshalling yardsRussell Fisher
123Sunday, January 7, 1945Paderborn, GermanyRailroad workshopsFred Peck
124Monday, January 8, 1945Frankfurt, GermanyMarshalling yardsRaymond Dunn
125Saturday, January 13, 1945Mainz, GermanyMarshalling yardsBernard Stanek
126Sunday, January 14, 1945Magdeburg, GermanyOil refinery at Magdeburg and Marshalling yards, at Osnabruck

Aircraft lost:
44-8563, Stemple crew - 838th Sqd
43-37933, Nyland crew - 838th Sqd
42-98013, Kochczynski crew - 838th Sqd
43-38002, Moser crew - 838th Sqd
Russell Fisher
127Monday, January 15, 1945Augsburg, GermanyMarshalling yardsWilliam Martin
128Tuesday, January 16, 1945Dessau, GermanyMarshalling yardsRaymond Dunn
129Thursday, January 18, 1945Kaiserlautern, GermanyMarshalling yardsLawrence Herman
130Saturday, January 20, 1945Heilbronn, GermanyMarshalling yards at Heilbronn and PforzheimWilliam Martin
131Sunday, January 21, 1945Mannheim, GermanyMarshalling yards 
132Sunday, January 28, 1945Hohenbudberg, GermanyMarshalling yards 
133Monday, January 29, 1945Kassel, GermanyMarshalling yardsFrancis Eberhart
134Thursday, February 1, 1945Wesel, GermanyHighway bridgeFred Peck
135Saturday, February 3, 1945Berlin, GermanyCity center

Aircraft lost:
42-98014, Rothstein crew - 836th Sqd
Raymond Dunn
136Tuesday, February 6, 1945Chemnitz, GermanyCity center

Aircraft lost:
43-38044, Parker crew - 837th Sqd
Lawrence Herman
137Friday, February 9, 1945Weimar, GermanyMotor transport factory

Aircraft lost:
43-38988, Shepard crew - 839th Sqd
William Martin
138Wednesday, February 14, 1945Dulmen, GermanyOil storage depotRussell Fisher
139Thursday, February 15, 1945Cotbus, GermanyMarshalling yardsFrancis Eberhart
140Friday, February 16, 1945Hamm, GermanyMarshalling yards 
141Saturday, February 17, 1945Frankfurt, GermanyMarshalling yards at Frankfurt and GiessenFrederick Smith
142Tuesday, February 20, 1945Nuremburg, GermanyRailroad station

Aircraft lost:
43-38596, McCullough crew - 837th Sqd
Russell Fisher
143Wednesday, February 21, 1945Nuremburg, Germany Fred Peck
144Thursday, February 22, 1945Ansbach, GermanyMarshalling yardsRaymond Dunn
145Friday, February 23, 1945Neumarkt, GermanyMarshalling yardsLawrence Herman
146Saturday, February 24, 1945Bremen, GermanyShipyardsFrancis Eberhart
147Sunday, February 25, 1945Neuburg, GermanyUnderground oil depotWilliam Martin
148Monday, February 26, 1945Berlin, GermanyTransportation systemWarren Fisher
149Wednesday, February 28, 1945Kassel, GermanyMarshalling yardsFred Peck
150Thursday, March 1, 1945Ulm, GermanyMarshalling yardsRaymond Dunn
151Friday, March 2, 1945Dresden, GermanyTraffic center

Aircraft lost:
43-37897, Young crew - 838th Sqd
Lawrence Herman
152Saturday, March 3, 1945Brunswick, GermanyIndustrial targets

Aircraft lost:
43-39108, Webb crew - 839th Sqd
Francis Eberhart
153Wednesday, March 7, 1945Castrop-Rauxel, GermanyOil refinery at Catrop-Rauxel and Marshalling yards at SiegenLyndall Avery
154Thursday, March 8, 1945Frankfurt, GermanyJet engine factory at Frankfurt and Marshalling yards at GiessenWilliam Martin
155Friday, March 9, 1945Frankfurt, GermanyMarshalling yardsRaymond Dunn
156Saturday, March 10, 1945Dortmund, GermanyMarshalling yardsFrancis Eberhart
157Sunday, March 11, 1945Hamburg, GermanyIndustrial area and shipyards

Aircraft lost:
43-38888, Sugarman crew - 839th Sqd
Mayfield Shilling
158Monday, March 12, 1945Marburg, GermanyMarshalling yardsWilliam Martin
159Wednesday, March 14, 1945Hannover, GermanyTank factory

Aircraft lost:
44-6570, Portsch crew - 836th Sqd
Mayfield Shilling
160Thursday, March 15, 1945Oraienburg, GermanyMarshalling yards

Aircraft lost:
44-8673, Miller crew - 838th Sqd
43-38028, Sylvernal crew - 838th Sqd
44-8746, Conwill crew - 837th Sqd
Russell Fisher
161Saturday, March 17, 1945Ruhland, GermanyOil refinery

Aircraft lost:
43-39173, Kohr crew - 838th Sqd
42-97996, Rothstein crew - 836th Sqd
Fred Peck
162Sunday, March 18, 1945Berlin, GermanyMarshalling yards

Aircraft lost:
44-8276, Leon crew - 837th Sqd
Raymond Dunn
163Monday, March 19, 1945Zwickau, GermanyCommunications center

Aircraft lost:
43-37969, Virgin crew - 836th Sqd
43-38038, Smoke crew - 836th Sqd
Francis Eberhart
164Wednesday, March 21, 1945Wittmundhafen, GermanyAirfieldRussell Fisher
165Thursday, March 22, 1945Kupferdreh, GermanyBarracks areaFrancis Eberhart
166Friday, March 23, 1945Holzwickede, GermanyMarshalling yards at Holzwickede and Aluminum works at MeschedeRaymond Dunn
167Saturday, March 24, 1945Varrelbusch, GermanyAirfieldFrancis Eberhart
168Wednesday, March 28, 1945Hannover, GermanyMarshalling yardsOrville Buchanan
169Friday, March 30, 1945Hamburg, GermanyOil refineryWilliam Choniski
170Saturday, March 31, 1945Brandenburg, GermanyPrimary obsured by clouds (unsure what the primary was), as notes say Brandenburg was selected as target of opportunityWilliam Martin
171Tuesday, April 3, 1945Kiel, GermanyHarbor installationsRaymond Dunn
172Wednesday, April 4, 1945Kiel, GermanyHarbor installationsOrville Buchanan
173Thursday, April 5, 1945Furth, GermanyOrdnance depotRussell Fisher
174Saturday, April 7, 1945Parchim, GermanyAirfieldWilliam Martin
175Sunday, April 8, 1945Hof, GermanyMarshalling yards

Aircraft lost:
44-8547, Milner crew - 836th Sqd
William Choniski
176Monday, April 9, 1945Neuburg, GermanyOil storage depotRaymond Dunn
177Monday, April 10, 1944Briest, GermanyAirfield at Briest

Aircraft lost:
44-8807, McGinnes crew - 837th Sqd
44-8702, Hauenstein crew - 836th Sqd
43-37987, Althouse crew - 839th Sqd
44-6913, Sell crew - 837th Sqd
William Kieffer
178Wednesday, April 11, 1945Ingolstadt, GermanyAirfieldHoward Todt
179Saturday, April 14, 1945Royan, FranceHeavy gun emplacementRussell Fisher
180Sunday, April 15, 1945Royan, FranceFortifications in Royan areaOrville Buchanan
181Monday, April 16, 1945Royan, FranceTank traps in Royan areaWilliam Choniski
182Tuesday, April 17, 1945Dresden, GermanyMarshalling yardsHoward Todt
183Thursday, April 19, 1945Pirna, GermanyRail and road bridgeWilliam Martin
184Friday, April 20, 1945Neuruppin, GermanyMarshalling yardsRussell Fisher
185Saturday, April 21, 1945Ingolstadt, GermanyJet airfield in the Munich areaOrville Buchanan

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