487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

- Honor Roll -
487th Bomb Group

233 men died while serving their country with the 487th.
Below is a list of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Name Rank Position Squadron Date Status
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Abbote, Frank G2/LtNavigator838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Allensworth, Harold OSgtGunner-Ball Turret838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Andrew, Benedict AS/SgtFlight Engineer836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Baganz, Reuben FS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Baker, Robert SS/SgtArmorer gunner839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Ball, Ira L1/LtPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Ballard, Bennie LSgtGunner-Waist836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Bamberg, Tony O1/LtAir Leader836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Barboza, Clemente MSgtGunner838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Barnett, James SF/ONavigator839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Becker, Cuno V1/LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Bejian, John 2/LtNavigator836Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Benoodt, George FSgtFlight Engineer839Sunday, December 31, 1944KIA
Benson, Stanley JSgtGunner-Top Turret838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Berger, Robert MSgtGunner-Waist839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Boyd, Leslie LS/SgtFlight Engineer838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Breiling, Robert CS/SgtRadio Operator839Thursday, September 28, 1944KIA
Brotherton, Wayne CSgtSpot Jammer837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Brown, Gerard FT/SgtRadio Operator839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Brown, Rhodes LS/SgtGunner-Waist839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Buck, Herman WS/SgtGunner836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Burres, Richard ESgtGunner-Tail838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Bybee, Melvin GSgtTogglier836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Callaghan, Frank JT/SgtGunner-Tail836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Carmen, Earnest T2/LtCo-Pilot837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Castillo, Pete JT/SgtBombsight Mechanic836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Castle, Frederick WBrig. GenCo-Pilot/Air Leader836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Chatterton, Thomas C2/LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Churm, Paul KSgtGunner838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Cochran, William JS/SgtRadio Operator838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Coe, Seymour ES/SgtGunner-Nose839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Conery, John JS/SgtGunner-Waist836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Conwill, Joseph D1/LtPilot837Wednesday, March 15, 1944KIA
Crosland, William SF/OCo-Pilot839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Crossley, Charles HS/SgtFlight Engineer836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Curtiss, Willard J1/LtPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
de Lachica, Eduardo DS/SgtGunner-Tail836Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Deelaney, Grady ESgtGunner-Ball Turret838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Dolan, James J2/LtBombardier839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Donnelly, Robert JSgtGunner-Tail838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Dunham, Hiram DS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Dustman, Darell MS/SgtFlight Engineer837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Eberhart, John DT/SgtRadio Operator836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Erwin, Arthur D2/LtPilot838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Eshleman, Oscar F2/LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Estright, Alfred TSgtFlight Engineer838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Everett, Lloyd ES/SgtGunner-Ball Turret839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Faria, William R2/LtBombardier836Thursday, November 9, 1944KIA
Ferenchak, George JS/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Focht, William JS/SgtGunner-Waist836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Frey, Arthur CSgtGunner838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Friedman, Ely N2/LtNavigator839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Furr, Wilburn E2/LtCo-Pilot836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Gatlin, Claude E2/LtPilot836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Gaudin, Duffy JS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Gerland, Henry E1/LtCo-Pilot836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Giltinan, Stephen VSgtGunner-Tail839Saturday, January 20, 1945KIA
Glenn, James RSgtGunner-Ball Turret836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Goethe, Everitt F2/LtPilot837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Graves, Hudie ES/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Green, Willard AS/SgtGunner-Tail836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Gregory, Jefferson GS/SgtGunner-Tail836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Gregory, Jesse E2/LtBombardier838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Gross, Norman E2/LtPilot838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Haglund, John LSgtGunner-Waist838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Hall, Robert TCaptainPilot838Thursday, January 18, 1945MIA
Harcq, Benjamin WS/SgtGunner-Tail836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Harriman, Robert W1/LtPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Haskell, Willard D2/LtCo-Pilot838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Haulotte, Gene WSgtRadio Operator838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Heil, Charles A2/LtNavigator836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Henahan, Joseph WT/SgtFlight Engineer839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Henderson, James VT/SgtFlight Engineer837Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Hinkson, Harry MSgtGunner-Tail838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Hood, James T2/LtCo-Pilot839Friday, August 25, 1944MIA
Huck, Donald RSgtRadio Operator838Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Huebel, Benjamin AS/SgtFlight Engineer838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Hunter, Stephen S2/LtCo-Pilot838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Isaacson, Joyal L2/LtCo-Pilot838Monday, July 17, 1944KIA
Jackson, Raymond F1/LtPilot836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Johnson, William TS/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Jones, Jason WS/SgtChief operations clerk837Saturday, June 10, 1944KOAD
Jones, Richard LCaptainNavigator839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Jones, William ESgtGunner838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Kane, Stephen PSgtGunner-Tail836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Kausrud, Donald CS/SgtGunner-Tail838Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Kersten, Lloyd W1/LtPilot836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
King, Donald C1/LtNavigator839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
King, Robert HSgtFlight Engineer836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Knapp, Dale LSgtGunner-Tail838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Kochczynski, Clement J1/LtPilot838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Koepsell, Elmer ESgtGunner-Waist838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Kowalski, Edwin MSgtGunner-Waist836Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Kramer, Victor S2/LtNavigator838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Kraus, Leslie ES/SgtRadio Operator836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Kussy, Leroy SSgtGunner-Top Turret838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Lang, Kenneth W2/LtPilot838Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Late, Carl LT/SgtFlight Engineer838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Lauraine, Loye J1/LtPilot837Saturday, November 25, 1944KIA
Leonesio, John B2/LtNavigator836Thursday, November 9, 1944KIA
Levine, Milton F/OBombardier838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Lipskas, Bronis DS/SgtGunner838Thursday, May 11, 1944MIA
Logan, James A1/LtPilot836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Loranger, George O2/LtPilot837Saturday, June 10, 1944KOAD
Lull, Robert HT/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Lumpkin, Claude LS/SgtGunner-Nose838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Mackie, Thomas S2/LtBombardier838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Marino, Leonard AT/SgtFlight Engineer837Sunday, March 18, 1945MIA
Markowitz, Max IS/SgtRadio Operator838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Marxmiller, Robert KS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Mass, Rubie R2/LtCo-Pilot838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Matika, Bruno 2/LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Mau, Eldon AS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
McCleary, Lorin D2/LtPilot838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
McClendon, William JT/SgtFlight Engineer839Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
McCoy, Ernest E2/LtCo-Pilot838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
McGinnes, Lawrence H1/LtPilot837Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
McKee, Eugene S/SgtRadio Operator838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
McNeish, Cecil C2/LtNavigator837Thursday, March 15, 1945KIA
McWilliams, Charles ASgtGunner-Nose838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Messerly, Julian WSgtGunner838Tuesday, May 30, 1944KIA
Miller, Henry J1/LtNavigator836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Miller, Howard R2/LtCo-Pilot838Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Miller, Joseph MS/SgtGunner-Waist836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Milliken, William SgtGround Crew839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Milner, Leon R2/LtPilot836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Mitchell, Bruce RSgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Mitchell, Robert ET/SgtRadio Operator837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Moderski, Jerome D1/LtNav-Bombardier837Thursday, March 15, 1945KIA
Moentenich, Louis P2/LtNavigator837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Moke, Francis E2/LtNavigator838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
Morrison, Everett SS/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Murphy, William JS/SgtGunner-Waist838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Musser, Elmer GS/SgtGunner838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Nance, Clifford PT/SgtRadio Operator838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Nash, Lloyd WMajorPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Nash, Robert AS/SgtGunner-Waist839Sunday, December 24, 1944MIA
Nassi, Albert PSgtRadio Operator838Monday, July 17, 1944KIA
Naughton, James PS/SgtGunner-Tail836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Nelson, Laverne WS/SgtFlight Engineer836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Nyhagen, Floyd C1/LtCo-Pilot838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Oesch, Harold E1/LtPilot836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Oliver, Clyde E1/LtCo-Pilot839Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Olsen, August MT/SgtRadio Operator839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Olsen, Gunnar KF/ONavigator838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Owen, Charles VSgtGunner-Nose839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Ozbolt, David L1/LtPilot839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Parks, Warren HT/SgtGunner-Top Turret836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Peake, Willis E1/LtBombardier839Tuesday, April 10, 1945KIA
Pearce, Thomas W1/LtBombardier838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Pellizzer, Louis S/SgtGunner836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Pendarvis, George HF/OCo-Pilot838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Perry, Joseph D2/LtBombardier838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Pierson, Robert ESgtGunner-Nose838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Plevak, Edward C2/LtNavigator836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Portsch, Robert H2/LtPilot836Wednesday, March 14, 1945KIA
Preston, Walter H2/LtPilot838Tuesday, September 12, 1944KIA
Procopio, Bruno S1/LtMickey operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Raffel, William PS/SgtGunner-Waist837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Ramseur, Richard MSgtRadio Operator836Saturday, December 30, 1944KIA
Randall, Clarence WS/SgtFlight Engineer837Thursday, March 15, 1945KIA
Reichel, Edward 2/LtBombardier837Sunday, August 6, 1944KIA
Reid, Stewart F1/LtNav-Bombardier838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Robinson, Richard SS/SgtRadio Operator838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Rodgers, Gilbert ESgtGunner-Ball Turret838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Rogers, Willie S/SgtGunner-Ball Turret836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Rogers, Winston SCaptainPilot839Friday, August 25, 1944KIA
Rosenberger, Jearold FS/SgtRadio Operator838Tuesday, June 20, 1944KIA
Rowe, Claude L1/LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Rupe, Bradford ASgtGunner-Nose836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Sala, David WSgtGunner-Ball Turret838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Saporito, Salvatore AS/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Schmulewitz, Morris 2/LtMickey Operator839Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Schramm, Elmer J2/LtBombardier836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Schulz, William JS/SgtRadio Operator836Tuesday, April 3, 1945KOAD
Seavert, Douglas ES/SgtRadio Operator836Wednesday, March 14, 1945KIA
Seeger, Roy ESgtFlight Engineer838Sunday, January 14, 1945KIA
Shackleford, James LSgtGunner-Nose837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Shegal, Arnold RT/SgtFlight Engineer836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Sherman, Edward H2/LtNavigator836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Sherman, William LS/SgtGunner-Waist839Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Sherrill, Theodore I2/LtCo-Pilot836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Shuster, Joseph SF/ONavigator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Simac, Adolph SgtGunner-Tail839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Simoni, Walter T/SgtFlight Engineer838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Slusarczyk, Stanley A2/LtBombardier838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Smathers, Harold EF/ONavigator836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Smith, Cecil J2/LtBombardier839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Smith, Lynn G1/LtPilot837Friday, September 22, 1944KIA
Smoke, Daniel C2/LtPilot838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Snead, John ET/SgtFlight Engineer836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Spindler, William HSgtGunner-Tail836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Stanley, Martin ES/SgtRadio Operator836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Stanton, Warren JT/SgtFlight Engineer836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Stanton, Willard WS/SgtFlight Engineer839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Steffens, Eugene F2/LtCo-Pilot838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Stone, Harold JSgtRadio Operator838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Strong, John H2/LtBombardier838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Stults, Paul M1/LtPilot836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Sugarman, Joseph M1/LtPilot839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Sullivan, Maurice JS/SgtGunner-Tail836Thursday, November 30, 1944KIA
Sunberg, John LT/SgtRadio Operator837Sunday, March 18, 1945MIA
Swain, Lawrence HT/SgtRadio Operator836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Swan, Clement EF/OCo-Pilot836Sunday, April 8, 1945KIA
Swiridow, Louis 2/LtNavigator839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Thies, Merle J2/LtCo-Pilot836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Thomas, Eldridge W2/LtCo-Pilot836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Thoroman, Gordon PT/SgtRadio Operator839Sunday, December 24, 1944MIA
Tollett, Elton S/SgtGunner-Ball Turret838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Tomea, Gordon R1/LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Turnquist, Howard A1/LtPilot836Sunday, December 24, 1944KIA
Uber, Frank J2/LtCo-Pilot836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Underwood, Allan B2/LtNavigator838Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Van Dyke, Joseph S2/LtPilot836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA
Van Kirk, Norman C2/LtCo-Pilot839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Vassallo, Carmelo FT/SgtRadio Operator839Saturday, August 5, 1944KIA
Volavka, Melo S/SgtFlight Engineer836Saturday, September 30, 1944KIA
Vukomanovich, Ned SgtGunner-Waist837Saturday, May 20, 1944KIA
Walker, Clarence ES/SgtFlight Engineer839Wednesday, June 7, 1944KIA
Walters, Lester R2/LtBombardier836Thursday, July 20, 1944KOAD
Wasson, Robert L2/LtCo-Pilot838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Weiss, Lester 1/LtNavigator838Thursday, May 11, 1944KIA
Westhoff, Henry BS/SgtGunner-Tail838Tuesday, June 6, 1944MIA
White, John SgtFlight Engineer838Monday, March 19, 1945KIA
Whyte, Thomas CF/ONavigator837Tuesday, February 20, 1945KIA
Willis, Joseph P2/LtPilot838Monday, May 29, 1944MIA
Wilson, Max WS/SgtGunner836Sunday, July 2, 1944KIA
Winton, Vernon P2/LtCo-Pilot837Tuesday, February 6, 1945KIA
Wright, George TSgtGunner-Ball Turret836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Yaegle, Clyde LS/SgtGunner-Waist839Sunday, March 11, 1945KIA
Young, Robert ESgtGunner-Waist836Saturday, February 3, 1945KIA
Zaiger, Roy JSgtGunner-Waist836Sunday, December 31, 1944MIA
Zebora, Rudolph J2/LtBombardier836Friday, June 23, 1944KIA

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