487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) - other photos of interest

487th Plaque In the Lavenham Square
Aerial photo Station 137 Aerial photo of the base during the war (I believe)
Aerial photo Station 137 Showing a lot of detail
Aerial photo Station 137 Final approach to landing
Alston Children The Alston children during the war
B-24's Lined up for takeoff at Lavenham
B-17's and flak A busy sky!
B-17's dropping bombs Planes of the 487th
Base panoramic view Panoramic photo from the base water tower
Bombs Away Photo from below of bombs away
Bombs Away Photo from below of bombs away, showing smoke markers
British Lads Does anyone recognize these British Lads visiting the base
Bruning, Nebraska Town where the 487th first set up shop
Bruning, Nebraska Historic Marker mentions the 487th Bombardment Group
Duchess of Bedford Transport ship, used by the 487th to cross the Atlantic
Gentlemen From Hell An original 487th Bomb Group, Gentlemen from Hell patch!
Hay Stacks Hay stacks on the base, showing this was a working farm
Lavenham Church Street Same street scene separated by approximately 60 years
Lavenham Church Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, from the air
Major Fisher & Robbie Major Fisher with Robbie the owner of the Swan
VE Day VE Day party in the officers mess
Kingman Arizona The 'Boneyard' post WWII
Leaflet Bomb Propaganda Leaflet Bomb
Parade ground One cold day!
487th Wreath Dedication Laying of the 487th Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in 2000
487th Wreath The 487th Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in 2000, after dedication
On the control tower roof David Goode and John Pawsey on the tower roof
From the control tower roof John Pawsey on the tower roof
Refurbished control tower Newly refurbished control tower
Lucky Bastard Club Certificate admitting S/Sgt Kenneth Jergenson
Over Paris B-17 44-8312 over Paris after VE day on a 'Cooks' tour
Over Paris B-17 44-8530 over Paris after VE day on a 'Cooks' tour
Over Paris B-17's #44-8530 & #44-8878 over Paris 9-May-1945
First 487th Ops "Building" Operations tent of the newly formed 487th
Officer's Club Bar in Base Officer's Club
Tower Ops Blackboard Lavenham Tower Ops Board in 1970
Red Cross Coffee Men of the 837th Squadron enjoying a coffee break
Runway Control Caravan Several of you may recall this
Scott Field, Illinois Sign that leaves no doubt about what they do here
Unique base housing Hut built by Ray Duncan at the 836th Squadron hardstand
Volleyball game Volleyball game somewhere on base
Welcome Club Meeting of this group at the home of Jessie Baker

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