487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) - Mission photos of interest

Strike Photo 23-May-44 Strike on Etampes-Mondesir Airfield
Strike Photo 24-May-44 Strike on Poix Airfield
Mission Sketch 25-May-44 Strike on Charleroi Marshalling Yards
Mission Photo 27-May-44 Strike on Metz Aero-Engine Works
Mission Photo 28-May-44 Strike on Lutzendorf oil refinery
Strike Photo 29-May-44 Strike on Politz
Mission Photo 4-June-44 Strike on Bretigny Airfield, France
Strike Photo 6-June-44 Strike on Lisieux Crossroads, France
Strike Photo 8-June-44 Strike on Cinq Mars Bridge
Mission Map 11-June-44 Mission to Argentan Airfield, France
Strike Photo 20-June-44 Strike on Misburg Oil Refinery
Strike Photo 23-June-44 Strike on Coulommiers and Juvincourt Airfields
Strike Photo 25-June-44 Strike on Bourges Airfield
Strike Photo 2-July-44 Strike on Belloy-Sur-Somme, France, V-Weapon site
Strike Photo 5-July-44 Strike on Eindhoven Airfield, Holland
Strike Photo 6-July-44 Strike on Belloy-Sur-Somme, France, V-Weapon site
Mission map 9-July-44 Mission to V-Weapon site, France
Mission Map 20-July-44 Mission to Russelsheim, Germany
Mission Map 04-Aug-44 Mission to Nordholz, Germany
Mission Photo 5-Aug-44 Strike on Magdeburg, Germany, Airplane factory
Mission Photo 6-Aug-44 Strike on Berlin, Germany, industrial plant
Strike Photo 8-Aug-44 Strike providing ground support at St. Sylvain, France
Mission Photo 15-Aug-44 Strike on Twente-Enschede, Netherlands, airfield
Strike Photo 16-Aug-44 Strike on Rositz and Zeitz Oil Refineries, Germany
Mission Photo 18-Aug-44 Strike on St. Dizier, France, airfield
Mission Map 1-Sep-44 Mission map Russelsheim, Germany
Mission Photo 27-Sep-44 Mission photo Ludwigshafen, Germany, chemical plant
Mission Photo 15-Oct-44 Mission photo Cologne, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 19-Oct-44 Mission photo Mannheim, Germany, motor transport works
Mission Map 26-Oct-44 Mission map Hanover, Germany, gun factory
Mission Photo 28-Oct-44 Mission photo Hamm, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 28-Oct-44 Mission map Hamm, Germany, marshalling yards
Strike photo 5-Nov-44 Strike on Ludwigshafen, Germany
Mission Map 6-Nov-44 Mission map Neumunster, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 9-Nov-44 Mission map Saarbrucken, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Photo 30-Nov-44 Mission photo Merseburg, Germany, plane going down
Mission Map 4-Dec-44 Mission map Mainz, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 15-Dec-44 Mission map Hanover, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission formation 24-Dec-44 Mission formation to Babenhausen, Germany
Mission Map 29-Dec-44 Mission map Aschaffenburg, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 6-Jan-45 Mission map Ludwigshafen, Germany, marshalling yards
Strike photo 9-Feb-1945 Mission to Motor transport factory, Weimar, Germany
Strike photo 24-Feb-1945 Mission to Shipyards, Bremen, Germany
Mission Photo 9-Mar-45 Mission photo Frankfurt, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Map 11-Mar-45 Mission map Hamburg, Germany, Industrial area and shipyards
Mission Photo 14-Mar-45 Mission photo Hanover, Germany, tank factory
Mission Photo 15-Mar-45 Mission photo Oranienburg, Germany, marshalling yards
Mission Photo 18-Mar-45 Mission photo Berlin, Germany, marshalling yards
Strike Photo 24-March-45 Strike on Varrelbusch, Germany, Airfield
Strike photo 5-Apr-1945 Mission to Ordnance depot, Furth, Germany
Strike Photo 8-April-45 Strike on Hof, Germany, Marshalling yards
Mission Photo 9-Apr-45 Mission photo Neuburg, Germany, oil storage depot
Strike Photo 10-April-45 Strike on Airfield at Briest, Germany

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