487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) - memorials and graves of KIA/MIA crew members

Arlington National Cemetery U.S.A.
Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial Belgium
Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial France
Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial U.K.
Epinal American Cemetery France
Henri-Chapelle Cemetery Belgium
Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial France
Margraten Cemetery Netherlands
Normandy Cemetery France

Abbote F.G. 2nd Lt Frank G. Abbote, Lorraine American Cemetery
Allensworth, H.O. Sgt Harold O. Allensworth, Wall of the missing
Andrew B.A. S/Sgt Benedict A. Andrew, Spring Hill Cemetery, Easton, Maryland
Baganz, R.F. S/Sgt Reuben F. Baganz, Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield, IL
Baker, R.S. S/Sgt Robert S. Baker, Hawfields Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mebane, NC
Ball, I.L. 2nd Lt Ira L. Ball, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Ballard, B.L. Sgt. Bennie L. Ballard, McMains Cemetery, Nowata, OK
Bamberg, T.O. 1st Lt Tony O. Bamberg, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary, St. Louis, MO
Barboza C.M. Sgt Clemente M. Barboza, Epinal American Cemetery
Barnett, J.S. F/O James S. Barnett, Calvary Cemetery, Memphis, TN
Becker, C.V. 1st Lt Cuno V. Becker, Siloam Cemetery Vineland, NJ
Bejian, J. 2nd Lt John Bejian, North Burial Ground, Providence, RI
Benoodt, G.F. Sgt George F. Benoodt, Mount Auburn Memorial Park, Stickney (Chicago), IL
Benson, S.J. Sgt Stanley J. Benson, Wall of the missing
Berger, R.M. Sgt Robert M. Berger, Fairmont Cemetery, Jetmore, KS
Boyd, L.L. S/Sgt Leslie L. Boyd, Central City Cemetery, Central City, NE
Breiling, R.C. S/Sgt Robert C. Breiling, Lorraine American Cemetery
Brotherton W. C. Sgt Wayne C. Brotherton, Lorraine American Cemetery
Brown, G.F. T/Sgt Gerard F. Brown, Ardennes Cemetery
Brown, R.L. S/Sgt Rhodes L. Brown, Greenwood Cemetery, Shreveport, LA
Buck, H.W. S/Sgt Herman W. Buck, Normandy Cemetery
Burres, R.E. Sgt Richard E. Burres, Oak Lawn Cemetery, Sturgis, MI
Bybee, M.G. Sgt Melvin G. Bybee, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Callaghan, F.J. T/Sgt Frank J. Callaghan, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Carmen, E.T. 2nd Lt Earnest T. Carmen, Cambridge American Cemetery
Castillo, P.J. T/Sgt Pete J. Castillo, Cambridge American Cemetery
Castle, F.W. Brig General Frederick W. Castle, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Chatterton, T.C. 2nd Lt Thomas C. Chatterton, Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island IL
Churm, P.K. Sgt Paul K. Churm, Epinal American Cemetery
Cochran, W.J. S/Sgt William J. Cochran, Gray Cemetery, Covington, PA
Coe, S. Sgt Seymour Coe, Jr., Restland Memorial Park, East Hanover, NJ
Conery, J.J. S/Sgt John J. Conery, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Conwill, J.D. 1st Lt Joseph D. Conwill, Penwell-Gabel Memorial Park Cemetery, Hutchinson, KS
Crosland, W.S. F/O William S. Crosland, Jr., Oak Ridge Cemetery, Bennettsville, SC
Crossley, C.H. S/Sgt Charles H. Crossley, Ardennes Cemetery
Curtiss, W.J. 1st Lt Willard J. Curtiss, Normal Hill Cemetery, Lewiston, ID
Deelaney, G.E. Sgt Grady E. Deelaney, Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
de Lachica, E.D. S/Sgt Eduardo D. de Lachica, Laredo, Texas
Dolan, J.J. 2nd Lt James J. Dolan, Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, CA
Donnelly, R.J. Sgt Robert J. Donnelly, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Dunham, H.D. S/Sgt Hiram D. Dunham, Yankton Municipal Cemetery, Yankton, SD
Dustman, D.M. S/Sgt Darell M. Dustman, Deweyville Cemetery, Deweyville, UT
Eberhart, J.D. T/Sgt John D. Eberhart, Lorraine American Cemetery
Erwin, A.D. 2nd Lt, Arthur D. Erwin, Woodlawn Cemetery, Texarkana, AR
Eshleman, O.F. 2nd Lt Oscar F. Eshleman, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Estright, A.T. Sgt Alfred T. Estright, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Everett, L.E. S/Sgt Lloyd E. Everett, Hollywood Cemetery, McComb, MS
Faria W.R. 2nd Lt William R. Faria, Lorraine American Cemetery
Ferenchak, G.J. S/Sgt George J. Ferenchak, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Focht, W.J. S/Sgt William J. Focht, Margraten Cemetery
Frey, A.C. Sgt Arthur C. Frey, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Friedman, E.N. 2nd Lt Ely N. Friedman, Ardennes Cemetery
Furr, W.E. 2nd Lt Wilburn E. Furr, Oakwood Cemetery, Concord, NC
Gatlin, C.E. 2nd Lt Claude E. Gatlin, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Gaudin, D.J. S/Sgt Duffy J. Gaudin, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Gerland, H.E. 1st Lt Henry E. Gerland, Lorraine American Cemetery
Giltinan S.V. Sgt Stephen V. Giltinan Jr., Epinal American Cemetery
Glenn, J.R. Sgt James R. Glenn, Ardennes Cemetery
Goethe, E.F. 2nd Lt Everitt F. Goethe, Hillside Cemetery, Cortlandt Manor, NY
Graves, H.E. S/Sgt Hudie E. Graves, Margraten Cemetery
Green, W.A. S/Sgt Willard A. Green, Maplewood Memorial Lawn Cemetery, Emporia, KS
Gregory, J.G. S/Sgt Jefferson G. Gregory, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Gregory, J.E. 2nd Lt Jesse E. Gregory, Colquitt City Cemetery, Colquitt, GA
Gross, N.E. 1st Lt Norman E. Gross, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Haglund, J.L. Sgt John L. Haglund, Hillside Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN
Hall, R.T. Captain Robert T. Hall, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Harcq, B.W. S/Sgt Benjamin W. Harcq, Jr., Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island, IL
Harriman R.W. 1st Lt Robert W. Harriman, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Haskell, W.D. 2nd Lt Willard D. Haskell, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Haulotte, G.W. Sgt Gene W. Haulotte, Ardennes Cemetery
Heil, C.A. 2nd Lt Charles A. Heil, Cambridge American Cemetery
Henahan, J. W. T/Sgt Joseph W. Henahan, Saint Mary's Cemetery, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Henderson, J.V. T/Sgt James V. Henderson, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Hinkson, H.M. Sgt Harry M. Hinkson, Jr., Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Hood, J. 2nd Lt James Hood Jr., Netherlands American Cemetery
Huck, D.R. Sgt Donald R. Huck, Conrad Memorial Cemetery, Kalispell, MN
Huebel, B.A. S/Sgt Benjamin A. Huebel Jr., Wall of the missing
Hunter, S.S. 2nd Lt Stephen S. Hunter, Ardennes Cemetery
Isaacson, J.L. 2nd Lt Joyal L. Isaacson, Cambridge American Cemetery
Jackson, R.F. 1st Lt Raymond F. Jackson, Eglington Cemetery, East Greenwich Twp, NJ
Jones J.W. S/Sgt Jason W. Jones, Cambridge American Cemetery
Johnson, W.T. S/Sgt William T. Johnson, Normandy Cemetery
Jones, R.L. Captain Richard L. Jones, Ardennes Cemetery
Jones W.E. Sgt William E. Jones, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Kane, S.P. Sgt Stephen P. Kane, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Kausrud, D.C. S/Sgt Donald C. Kausrud, Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN
Kersten, L.W. 1st Lt Lloyd W. Kersten, Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia, IA
King, D.C. 1st Lt Donald C. King, Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery, Frostburg, PA
King, R.H. Sgt Robert H. King, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Knapp D.L. Sgt Dale L. Knapp, Epinal American Cemetery
Kochczynski C.J. 1st Lt Clement J. Kochczynski, Arlington National Cemetery
Koepsell, E.E. Sgt Elmer E. Koepsell, Epinal American Cemetery
Kowalski, E.M. Sgt Edwin M. Kowalski, Saint Stanislaus Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY
Kramer, V.S. 2nd Lt Victor S. Kramer, Saint John Cemetery, Middle Village, NY
Kraus, L.E. Sgt Leslie E. Kraus, St. John's Cemetery, Fort Mithchell, KY
Kussy, L.S. Sgt Leroy S. Kussy, Ardennes Cemetery
Lang, K.W. 2nd Lt Kenneth W. Lang, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Late, C.L. T/Sgt Carl L. Late, Ardennes Cemetery
Lauraine, L.J. 1st Lt Loye J. Lauraine, Gonzales Masonic Cemetery, Gonzales, TX
Leonesio, J.B. 2nd Lt John B. Leonesio, Lorraine American Cemetery
Levine, M. F/O Milton Levine, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Lipskas, B.D. S/Sgt Bronis D. Lipskas, Wall of the Missing, Brittany American Cemetery
Logan, J.A. 1st Lt James A. Logan, Somerville Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Somerville, MA
Loranger, G.O. 2nd Lt George O. Loranger, Saint Johns Cemetery, Tilton, TX
Lull, R.H. T/Sgt Robert H. Lull, Almira Cemetery, Almira, WA
Lumpkin, C.L. S/Sgt Claude L. Lumpkin, Shannon Rose Hill Memorial Park, Fort Worth, TX
Mackie, T.S. 2nd Lt Thomas S. Mackie, Ardennes Cemetery
Marino, L.A. T/Sgt Leonard A. Marino, Wall of the missing, Margraten
Markowitz, M.I. S/Sgt Max I. Markowitz, Wall of the missing
Marxmiller R.K. S/Sgt Robert K. Marxmiller grave site
Mass R.R. 2nd Lt Ruby R. Mass, Waldheim Jewish Cemetery Forest Park, IL
Matika, B. 2nd Lt Bruno Matika, Normandy Cemetery
Mau, E.A. S/Sgt Eldon A. Mau, Fort Logan National Cemetery, Englewood, CO
McCleary L.D. 2nd Lt Lorin D. Mc Cleary grave site, New Albany, Indiana
Mc Clendon, W.J. T/Sgt William J. Mc Clendon, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Mc Coy, E.E. 2nd Lt Ernest E. Mc Coy, Epinal American Cemetery
McGinnes, L.H. 1st Lt Lawrence H. McGinnes, Cedarvale Cemetery, Bay City, TX
Mc Kee E. S/Sgt Eugene Mc Kee, Epinal American Cemetery
McNeish, C.C. 2nd Lt Cecil C. Mc Neish, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
McWilliams, C.A. Sgt Charles A. Mc Williams, Wall of the missing
Messerly, J.W. Sgt Julian W. Messerly, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Miller, H.J. 1st Lt Henry J. Miller Jr., Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA
Miller, H.R. 2nd Lt Howard R. Miller, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Miller, J.M. S/Sgt Joseph M. Miller, Greenfield Hebrew Congregation Cemetery, Greenfield, MA
Milliken, W. Sgt William Milliken, Calvary Cemetery, Erie, PA
Milner, L.R. 1st Lt Leon R. Milner, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary, St. Louis, MO
Mitchell, B.R. Sgt Bruce R. Mitchell, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Mitchell R.E. T/Sgt Robert E. Mitchell, Lorraine American Cemetery
Moderski, J.D. 1st Lt Jerome D. Moderski, Ardennes Cemetery
Moentenich, L.P. 2nd Lt Louis P. Moentenich, Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN
Moke, F.E. 2nd Lt Francis E. Moke, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Morrison E.S. S/Sgt Everett S. Morrison, Lorraine American Cemetery
Murphy, W.J. S/Sgt William J. Murphy, Normandy Cemetery
Musser, E.G. S/Sgt Elmer G. Musser, Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL
Nance, C.P. T/Sgt Clifford P. Nance, Normandy Cemetery
Nash, L.W. Major Lloyd W. Nash, Westport, CT
Nash, R.A. S/Sgt Robert A. Nash, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Nassi, A.P. Sgt Albert P. Nassi, Orleans, MA
Naughton, J.P. S/Sgt James P. Naughton, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Great Falls, MT
Nelson, L.W. S/Sgt Laverne W. Nelson, Margraten Cemetery
Nyhagen, F.C. 1st Lt Floyd C. Nyhagen, Ardennes Cemetery
Oesch, H.E. 1st Lt Harold E. Oesch, Margraten Cemetery
Oliver, C.E. 1st Lt Clyde E. Oliver, Ardennes Cemetery
Olsen, A.M. T/Sgt August M. Olsen, Brittany Cemetery
Olsen G.K. F/O Gunnar K. Olsen, Irving Park Cemetery, Chicago, IL
Owen, C.V. Sgt Charles V. Owen, Ardennes Cemetery
Ozbolt, D.L. 1st Lt David L. Ozbolt, Oakland Cemetery, Tallahasse, FL
Parks, W.H. T/Sgt Warren H. Parks, Petersburg Cemetery, Petersburg, OH
Peake, W.E. 1st Lt Willis E. Peake, Ardennes Cemetery
Pearce, T. W. 1st Lt Thomas W. Pearce, Normandy Cemetery
Pellizzer, L. S/Sgt Louis Pellizzer, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary, St. Louis, MO
Pendarvis G.H. F/O George H. Pendarvis, Epinal American Cemetery
Perry J.D. 2nd Lt Joseph D. Perry, Epinal American Cemetery
Pierson, R.E. Sgt Robert E. Pierson, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Plevak, E.C. 2nd Lt Edward C. Plevak, Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI
Portsch, R.H. 2nd Lt Robert H. Portsch, Ridgelawn Cemetery, Clifton, NJ
Preston, W.H. 2nd Lt Walter H. Preston grave site, Bluff City, TN
Procopio, B.S. 1st Lt Bruno S. Procopio, Saint Anthony's Cemetery, Freeland, PA
Raffel, W.P. S/Sgt William P. Raffel, Westlawn Cemetery, Norridge, IL
Ramseur, R.M. Sgt Richard M. Ramseur, Cambridge American Cemetery
Randall, C.W. S/Sgt Clarence W. Randall, Big Sandy Cemetery, Big Sandy, MN
Reichel, E. 2nd Lt Edward Reichel, Anshe Tzaydik Cemetery, Wawarsing, NY
Reid, S.F. 1st Lt Stewart F. Reid Jr, Ardennes Cemetery
Robinson, R.S. S/Sgt Robert S. Robinson, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Rodgers, G.E. Sgt Gilbert E. Rodgers, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Rogers, W. S/Sgt Willie Rogers, Willow Dale Cemetery, Goldsboro, NC
Rogers, W.S. Capt Winston S. Rogers, Clearwater Municipal Cemetery, Clearwater, FL
Rosenberger, J.F. S/Sgt Jearold F. Rosenberger, Ardennes Cemetery
Rowe, C.L. 1st Lt Claude L Rowe, Peterstown Cemetery, Rich Creek, VA
Rupe, B.A. Sgt Bradford A. Rupe, Green Hill Cemetery, Rock Port, MO
Sala, D. W. Sgt David W. Sala Jr., Oakwood Cemetery, Macomb, IL
Saporito, S.A. S/Sgt Salvatore A. Saporito, Calvary Cemetery, Utica, NY
Schmulewitz, M. 2nd Lt Morris Schmulewitz, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Schulz W.J. S/Sgt William J. Schulz, Cambridge American Cemetery
Schramm., E.J. 2nd Lt Elmer J. Schramm, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary, St. Louis, MO
Seavert, D.E. S/Sgt Douglas E. Seavert, Cambridge American Cemetery
Seeger, R.E. Sgt Roy E. Seeger, Malvern Cemetery, Malvern, IA
Shackleford, J.L. Sgt James L. Shackleford, Cambridge American Cemetery
Shegal, A.R. T/Sgt Arnold R. Shegal, Lorraine American Cemetery
Sherman, E.H. 2nd Lt Edward H. Sherman, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary, St. Louis, MO
Sherman, W.L. S/Sgt William L. Sherman, Abingdon, IL
Sherrill, T.I. 2nd Lt Theodore I. Sherrill, Custer National Cemetery, Crow Agency, MT
Shuster, J.S. F/O Joseph S. Shuster, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Simac, A. Sgt Adolf Simac, Ardennes Cemetery
Simoni, W. T/Sgt Walter Simoni, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Slusarczyk, S.A. 2nd Lt Stanley A. Slusarczyk, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Smathers, H.E. F/O Harold E. Smathers, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Smith, C.J. 2nd Lt Cecil J. Smith, Brittany Cemetery
Smith, L.G. 1st Lt Lynn G. Smith, Ardennes Cemetery
Smoke, D.C. 2nd Lt Daniel C. Smoke, Jr., New Live Oak Cemetery, Selma, AL
Snead, J.E. T/Sgt John E. Snead, Ardennes Cemetery
Spindler, W.H. Sgt William H. Spindler, Ardennes Cemetery
Stanley, M.E. S/Sgt Martin E. Stanley, Margraten Cemetery
Stanton, W.J. T/Sgt Warren J. Stanton, Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island IL
Stanton, W.W. S/Sgt Willard W. Stanton, Ardennes Cemetery
Steffens, E.F. 2nd Lt Eugene F. Steffens, Ardennes Cemetery
Stone, H.J. Sgt Harold J. Stone, Salisbury National Cemetery, Salisbury, NC
Strong, J.H. 2nd Lt John H. Strong, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Loretto, TN
Stults P.M. 1st Lt Paul M. Stults, Arlington National Cemetery
Sugarman, J.M. 1st Lt Joseph M. Sugarman Jr, Ardennes Cemetery
Sullivan, M.J. S/Sgt Maurice J. Sullivan, Lorraine American Cemetery
Sunberg, J.L. T/Sgt John L. Sunberg, Wall of the missing, Margraten
Swan, C.E. F/O Clement E. Swan, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary, St. Louis, MO
Swain, L.H.. T/Sgt Lawrence H. Swain, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery
Swiridow, L. 2nd Lt Louis Swiridow, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Thies, M.J. 2nd Lt Merle J. Thies, Ardennes Cemetery
Thomas, E.W. 2nd Lt Eldridge W. Thomas, Cambridge American Cemetery
Thoroman, G.P. T/Sgt Gordon P. Thoroman, Tablets of the missing Ardennes Cemetery
Tollett, E. S/Sgt Elton Tollett, Wall of the Missing, Brittany American Cemetery
Tomea, G.R. 1st Lt Gordon R. Tomea, Calvary Cemetery, Paterson, NJ
Turnquist, H.A. 1st Lt Howard A. Turnquist, Monroe "Silent City" Cemetery, Monroe, IA
Uber, F.J. 2nd Lt Frank J. Uber, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Underwood, A.B. 2nd Lt Allan B. Underwood, Arlington National Cemetery
Van Dyke J.S. 2nd Lt Joseph S. Van Dyke, Ardennes Cemetery
Van Kirk, N.C. 2nd Lt Norman C Van Kirk grave site
Vassallo, C.F. T/Sgt Carmelo F. Vassallo, Cambridge American Cemetery
Volavka, Melo T/Sgt Melo Volavka grave site
Vukomanovich, Ned Sgt Ned Vukomanovich grave site
Walker, C.E. S/Sgt Clarence, E. Walker, Brittany Cemetery
Walters, L.R. 2nd Lt Lester R. Walters, Breckenridge Cemetery, Breckenridge, TX
Wasson, R.L. 2nd Lt Robert L. Wasson, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Weiss, Lester 1st Lt Lester Weiss, Normandy Cemetery
Westhoff, H.B. S/Sgt Henry B. Westhoff, Wall of the missing
White, J. Sgt John White Jr. Hope Cemetery, Worcester, MA
Whyte, T.C. F/O Thomas C. Whyte, Lorraine American Cemetery
Willis, J.P. 2nd Lt Joseph P. Willis, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Wilson, M.W. Sgt Max W. Wilson, Normandy Cemetery
Winton, V.P. 2nd Lt Vernon P. Winton Jr., Forest Hill Midtown Cemetery, Memphis, TN
Wright, G.T. Sgt George T. Wright, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Yaegle, C.L. S/Sgt Clyde L. Yaegle, Fort Logan National Cemetery, Englewood, CO
Young, R.E. Sgt Robert E. Young, Wall of the missing, Margraten
Zaiger, R.J. Sgt Roy J. Zaiger, Wall of the missing Cambridge American Cemetery
Zebora, R.J. 2nd Lt Rudolph J. Zebora, Sacred Heart Cemetery, Meriden, CT

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