487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) individual crew members

Anthony Abatsis S/Sgt Anthony C. Abatsis
John Alessandrine John P. Alessandrine - 837th Squadron
Patsy Angeloni Sgt Patsy Angeloni - 837th Squadron
Ed Auer Captain Edmund F. Auer - Navigator - 836th Squadron
Ray Avey T/Sgt Ray J. Avey Jr. - Radio operator - 839th Squadron
Charles Bachmann S/Sgt Charles "Stu" Bachmann - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Richard Baer 1st Lt Richard Baer - 839th Squadron
Joe Bail 2nd Lt Joe Bail - 836th Squadron
George Balthazor 1st Lt George R. Balthazor - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Garland Barneby 2nd Lt Garland L. Barneby - Radar officer - 839th Squadron
Glen Barlow Sgt Glen Barlow - 839th Squadron
James Barnett F/O James S. Barnett - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Oscar Barney Oscar Barney - Navigator - 839th Squadron
George Battschinger George V. Battschinger III - Copilot/Pilot - 837th Squadron
Cuno Becker 1st Lt Cuno V. Becker - Co-Pilot - 836th Squadron
Milfred Becker Milfred L. Becker - Tail gunner - 837th Squadron
Robert Beckham S/Sgt Robert W. Beckham - 837th Squadron
Jim Bello Jim Bello - 836th Squadron
Robert Beutler 1st Lt Robert A. Beutler - 839th Squadron
Paul Biri 1st Lt Paul L. Biri - Bombardier - 836th Squadron
Robert Blackwell S/Sgt Robert C. Blackwell - Ball-turret gunner - 836th Squadron
Paul Bleifus T/Sgt Paul Bleifus - 837th Squadron
Joseph Bodio 1st Lt Joseph A. Bodio - 839th Squadron
Jaxon Booker S/Sgt Jaxon Booker - 836th Squadron
Eugene Bosche S/Sgt Eugene E. Bosche - Waist gunner - 838th Squadron
Sherwin Bosse S/Sgt Sherwin P. Bosse - Gunner - 839th Squadron
Joseph Boyd 2nd Lt Joseph W. Boyd - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Robert Boyd S/Sgt Robert R. Boyd - 836th Squadron
Don Boyles Cpl Don P. Boyles - Flight Engineer - 837th Squadron
Sabatine Branco T/Sgt Sabatine J. Branco - 839th Squadron
Joseph Brokaw S/Sgt Joseph L. Brokaw - Gunner - 836th Squadron
George Brooke Pfc George W. Brooke - 838th Squadron
James Brooks Captain James G. Brooks - 837th Squadron
John Broom 1st Lt John Broom - 836th Squadron
Peter Brown 2nd Lt Peter J. Brown - Pilot - 839th Squadron
William Brown F/O William A. Brown - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
John Burke 2nd Lt John F. Burke - Navigator - 838th Squadron
Robert Burns 2nd Lt Robert J. Burns - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Richard Burres Sgt Richard E. Burres - Tail gunner - 838th Squadron
James Burt Captain James W. Burt - 836th Squadron
Ed Butner T/Sgt Edward J. Butner - Radio operator - 839th Squadron
Robert Byerly T/Sgt Robert S. Byerly - Radio operator - 837th Squadron
Benjamin Callison Captain Benjamin Callison - 836th/839th Squadron
Charles Campbell Sgt Charles Campbell - 839th Squadron
Charles Cathcart S/Sgt Charles J. Cathcart - 838th Squadron
Robert Carr F/O Robert Carr - Navigator - 836th & 839th Squadron
Frank Casey Captain Frank L. Casey - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Kenneth Cassidy Major Kenneth B. Cassidy - Executive - 837th Squadron
Richard Ceder 2nd Lt Richard Ceder - 836th Squadron
Richard Child S/Sgt Richard P. Child - 837th Squadron
William Choniski Lt Col William J. Choniski - 836th Squadron
John Cline 2nd Lt John T. Cline - 836th Squadron
Clayton Coenan Clayton J. Coenan - Bombardier - 836th Squadron
Thomas Cole 1st/Sgt Thomas Cole - 837th Squadron
Frank Coles S/Sgt Frank J. Coles - Gunner - 836th Squadron
Robert Conner S/Sgt Robert W. Conner - 837th Squadron
Claude Corder S/Sgt Claude A. Corder - Crew Chief
Varsall Cowley S/Sgt Varsall C. Cowley - Waist gunner - 837th Squadron
Lowell Coy S/Sgt Lowell K. Coy Jr.- Ball turret gunner - 837th Squadron
Albert Crawford S/Sgt Albert Crawford - 836th Squadron
Charles Crossley S/Sgt Charles H. Crossley - 836th Squadron
Ken Curchin Lt Ken H. Curchin - Pilot - 837th Squadron
David Dahlberg T/Sgt David B. Dahlberg - Flight engineer - 837th Squadron
Paul Dancik Paul Dancik - 836th Squadron
Leonard Davis 2nd Lt Leonard C. Davis - Navigator - 837th Squadron
Walter Deel Sgt Walter S. Deel - Flight Engineer - 839th Squadron
Earnest DeGan S/Sgt Earnest R. DeGan - Waist gunner - 839th Squadron
Earl DeGeneres 1st Lt Earl M. DeGeneres - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
Eduardo de Lachica S/Sgt Eduardo D. de Lachica - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Andrew Demko Cpl Andrew Demko - Aircraft mechanic - 837th Squadron
Roland DeMott 1st Lt Roland S. DeMott - Statistical Control Officer
Loyd C. Dishman Sgt Loyd C. Dishman - Aircraft Mechanic - 838th Squadron
James Dolan 2nd Lt James J. Dolan - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
George Domitrovich Sgt George Domitrovich - Waist gunner - 837th Squadron
Irving Draper Captain Irving R. Draper
Warren Draves Sgt Warren J. Draves - 837th Squadron
Kenneth Drinnon S/Sgt Kenneth C. Drinnon - Ball Turret Gunner - 838th Squadron
John Druary John W. Druary - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Joe Duncan 1st Lt Joseph A. Duncan - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Raymond Duncan S/Sgt Raymond E. Duncan - Crew Chief - 836th Squadron
Hiram Dunham S/Sgt Hiram D. Dunham - Ball-turret gunner - 837th Squadron
John Echon Lt John C. Echon - Co-pilot - 838th Squadron
Thomas Edwards T/Sgt Thomas R. Edwards - Flight engineer - 839th Squadron
George Endrusick T/Sgt George Endrusick - Radio operator - 839th Squadron
Austin Enos Cpl Austin S. Enos - 837th Squadron
Ted Eriksen 2nd Lt Ted D. Eriksen - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Oscar Eshleman 2nd Lt Oscar F. Eshleman - Copilot - 836th Squadron
George Evans T/Sgt George D. Evans- Flight engineer - 837th Squadron
John Felicetti Cpl. John J. Felicetti - Lab technician
George Ferenchak S/Sgt George J. Ferenchak - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
William Finicum William C. Finicum - Flight engineer - 836th Squadron
Russell Fisher Major Russell Fisher - 836th Squadron
Robert Foran S/Sgt Robert E. Foran - Gunner - 837th Squadron
Filmore Franchi 2nd Lt Filmore Franchi - 836th Squadron
Donald Frembes Donald E. Frembes - Ball turret gunner - 836th Squadron
Wilburn Furr 2nd Lt Wilburn E. Furr - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
James Galligan S/Sgt James M. Galligan - gunner - 839th Squadron
Aloysius Ganey Major Aloysius Ganey - Group Navigator
Galen Garrity S/Sgt Galen Garrity - Waist gunner - 836th Squadron
Robert Gasser 1st Lt Robert J. Gasser - Pilot - 838th Squadron
Richard Gasser 1st Lt Richard R. Gasser - Supply Officer
Duffy Gaudin S/Sgt Duffy J. Gaudin - Ball turret gunner - 836th Squadron
Mood Lon Gee 2nd Lt Mood L. Gee - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Lawrence Geraud 1st Lt Lawrence J. Geraud - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Henry E. Gerland 1st Lt Henry E. Gerland - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
Ashley Gilbert S/Sgt Ashley Gilbert - 839th Squadron
Richard Gile Captain Richard M. Gile - 837th Squadron
Stephen Giltinan Sgt Stephen Giltinan - 839th Squadron
Bernard Glazer Sgt Bernard Glazer - 836th Squadron
James Glenn Sgt James R. Glenn - 836th Squadron
Morley Glick S/Sgt Morley Glick - 837th Squadron
John Gniadek John C. Gniadek - Armorer gunner - 836th Squadron
Richard Goodwin 1st Lt Richard N. Goodwin - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Junior Gossell 1st Lt Junior H. Gossell - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
Edgar Grabhorn 2nd Lt Edgar A. Grabhorn - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Robert Graham T/Sgt Robert G. Graham - Flight Engineer - 8376th Squadron
Delmar E. Green S/Sgt Delmar E. Green - Gunner/Togglier - 838th Squadron
George Green Sgt George H. Green - Gunner - 839th Squadron
Willard Green S/Sgt Willard A. Green - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Bruce Gregg T/Sgt Bruce F. Gregg - 837th Squadron
Jesse Gregory 2nd Lt Jesse E. Gregory - 838th Squadron
Milton Gunther 1st Lt Milfred R. Becker - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
William Hagedorn Cpl William R. Hagedorn - Radio Mechanic
Walter Hale Sgt Walter Hale - Flight Engineer - 837th Squadron
Larry Halpern M/Sgt Larry Halpern
Lanny Hammons Cpl Lanny B. Hammons - Waist gunner - 836th Squadron
Thurl Harber Thurl S. Harber - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
Sidney Hardaway Sgt Sidney L. Hardaway - Group Photo Section
Vasken Haroian Sgt Vasken A. Haroian - Aerial gunner - 838th Squadron
Robert Harriman 1st Lt Robert Harriman - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Max Hauenstein 2nd Lt. Max C. Hauenstein - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Stewart Hayden T/Sgt Stewart M. Hayden - Flight engineer/top turret gunner - 838th Squadron
Grayson Hayes T/Sgt Grayson Hayes - Flight Engineer - 838th Squadron
Leland Hayes Captain Leland "Gus" Hayes - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Bob Heard Bob W. Heard - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Lincoln Heath T/Sgt Lincoln R. Heath - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
William Hedden 1st Lt. William R. Hedden - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Richard Heft 1st Lt Richard E. Heft - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Harold Hendricks S/Sgt Harold E. Hendricks - Flight engineer - 836th Squadron
Lawrence Herman Lt Col Lawrence Herman - C.O. - 837th Squadron
Morris Herscovitz S/Sgt Morris Herscovitz - Gunner - 838th Squadron
John Hess Major John J. Hess Jr. - Adjutant - 838th Squadron
Homer Hill Maj Homer T. Hill - CO - 836th Squadron
Harry Hinkson Sgt Harry M. Hinkson - Tail gunner - 838th Squadron
Ken Hoddinott 1st Lt R. Ken Hoddinott - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Francis Hodge Captain Francis G. Hodge Jr. - Bombardier - 838th Squadron
Vernon Holloway Cpl Vernon Holloway - Ball turret gunner - 837th Squadron
Neal Holmes 1st/Sgt Neal Holmes - 838th Squadron
Roy Hon S/Sgt Roy C. Hon - Tail gunner - 838th Squadron
Richard Howell Sgt Richard T. Howell - Ball turret gunner - 839th Squadron
Lowell Hudson T/Sgt Lowell B. Hudson - Gunner - 836th Squadron
Olen Huff 2nd Lt Olen F. Huff - 838th Squadron
Henry Hughey S/Sgt Henry W. Hughey - ball turret gunner - 838th Squadron
Harter Hull Harter B. Hull - 839th Squadron
Joyal Isaacson 2nd Lt Joyal L. Isaacson - Co-pilot - 838th Squadron
John Jackson Sgt John A. Jackson - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Jack Jacobs Jack J. Jacobs - Navigator - 836th Squadron
James Jacobs 1st Lt. James Jacobs - 836th Squadron
Julius Jacobs S/Sgt Julius Jacobs - Intelligence/debriefer
Quentin Jeffers T/Sgt Quentin W. Jeffers - Flight Engineer - 836th Squadron
William Jennings S/Sgt William Jennings - 838th Squadron
Lee Johnson 1st Lt Lee Johnson - 838th Squadron
Kenneth Jorgenson S/Sgt Kenneth D. Jorgenson - Gunner - 836th Squadron
Leo Juba Station 137 on a sunny day
Sammy Kaisler Sanroe "Sammy" J. Kaisler - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Karl Kandler T/Sgt Karl P. Kandler - Radio Operator - 836th Squadron
Solomon Kaplan S/Sgt Solomon Kaplan - Flight Engineer - 839th Squadron
George Keith Captain George V. Keith - Bombardier - 837/838th Squadron
James Kelly S/Sgt James E. Kelly - Ball turret gunner - 839th Squadron
Donald Kiick S/Sgt Donald Kiick - Flight Engineer - 839th Squadron
Don Kilburg 1st Lt Don F. Kilburg - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
James Kilfoil Captain James Kilfoil - Chaplain
Robert King 2nd Lt Robert King Jr. - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
Lloyd Kirkpartick Lt Lloyd N. Kirkpatrick - Navigator - 839th Squadron
John Kiser S/Sgt John D. Kiser - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Clement Kochczynski 1st Lt Clement J. Kochczynski - Pilot - 838th Squadron
Elmer Koepsell Sgt Elmer E. Koepsell - Waist gunner - 838th Squadron
Leslie Kraus S/Sgt Leslie E. Kraus - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Charlie Kulp 1st Lt Charles M. Kulp - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Henry Kutchins Captain Henry Kutchins - Pilot - 838th Squadron
J Wray Lacy 1st Lt J. Wray Lacy - Navigator - 838th Squadron
Loye Lauraine 1st Lt Loye Lauraine - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Lee Lauren 1st Lt Lee Lauren - bombardier - 837th Squadron
Beirne Lay Lt Col Beirne Lay - Group Commander
Edward J. Leitelt S/Sgt Edward J. Leitelt - Radio Operator - 837th Squadron
Isadore Lerner Dr. Isadore Lerner - Flight Surgeon - 838th Squadron
Milton Levine F/O Milton Levine - Bombardier - 838th Squadron
Levi Lincoln M/Sgt Levi Lincoln - Crew Chief - 839th Squadron
William Lippy 2nd Lt William F. Lippy - Navigator - 837th Squadron
James Logan 1st Lt James A. Logan - Pilot - 836th Squadron
George Loranger 2nd Lt George O. Loranger - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Vincent Losada 1st Lt Vincent Losada - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
Bill Lordi T/Sgt Bill Lordi - 839th Squadron
Henry Macarty 1st Lt Henry Macarty - Navigator - 836th Squadron
Thomas Mackie 2nd Lt Thomas S. Mackie - Bombardier - 838th Squadron
John Madison T/Sgt John M. Madison - Ball turret gunner - 838th Squadron
Stephen Mandolesi Sgt Stephen Mandolesi - 836th Squadron
Max Markowitz S/Sgt Max I. Markowitz - Radio operator - 838th Squadron
John Martin Captain John F. Martin Jr. - Pilot - 836th Squadron
William Martin Col William K. Martin - Group Commanding Officer - 28-Dec-44 to 29-May-45
Robert Mason Cpl Robert S. Mason - A & E Mechanic - 838th Squadron
Victor Masterana S/Sgt Victor Masterana - Ball-turret gunner - 838th Squadron
Bruno Matika 2nd Lt Bruno Matika - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
Charles Mauro Pfc Charles Mauro - Ground crew - 836th Squadron
Clarence McClellan Clarence F. McClellan
Floyd McCullough 1st Lt Floyd McCullough - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Pat McDonald 1st Lt Pat O. McDonald - Pilot - 838th Squadron
Woodrow McGill Captain Woodrow W. McGill - Navigator - Command crew/HQ
Robert McGough Robert M. McGough - Ground Crew Chief
John McHale 2nd Lt John F. McHale - Navigator - 838th Squadron
James McKinney 2nd Lt James R. McKinney - Navigator - 837th Squadron
Cecil McNeish 2nd Lt Cecil C. McNeish - Navigator - 837th Squadron
George McWhorter S/Sgt George D. McWhorter - aerial gunner - 837th Squadron
Charles McWilliams Sgt Charles A. McWilliams - Nose gunner - 838th Squadron
Martin Meger Sgt Martin E. Meger - Ball turret gunner - 839th Squadron
Conrad Mehlenbacher T/Sgt Conrad C. Mehlenbacher III - Flight Engineer - 836th Squadron
Ellsworth Meredith S/Sgt Ellsworth J. Meredith - Ball-turret gunner - 836th Squadron
George Michael S/Sgt George R. "Bob" Michael - Radio Operator - 836th Squadron
Joseph Michele S/Sgt Joseph J. Michele - Transportation NCO
George Miller George E. Miller - Ground/line crew - 838th Squadron
Joseph Mitchell Sgt Joseph Mitchell - Waist gunner - 838th Squadron
Francis Moan 2nd Lt Francis W. Moan - Bombardier - 837th Squadron
Jerome Moderski 1st Lt Jerome D. Moderski - Bombardier - 837th Squadron
Arthur Moir Arthur W. Moir - Ball-turret gunner - 837th Squadron
John Mumm 2nd Lt John F. Mumm - Navigator - 837th Squadron
Richard Munson Captain Richard M. Munson - Pilot - 837th Squadron
James Murphy Captain James M. Murphy - Pilot - 837th Squadron
William Murray T/Sgt - William J. Murray - Radio Operator - 836th Squadron
Charles Nachiem 1st Lt Charles L. Nachiem - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Theodore Nachtrieb 1st Lt Theodore W. Nachtrieb - Co-pilot - 838th Squadron
Albert Nassi Sgt Albert P. Nassi - Radio operator - 838th Squadron
James Naughton S/Sgt James P. Naughton - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Harold Nelson 2nd Lt Harold E. Nelson - Navigator - 837th Squadron
William Nelson William A. Nelson - Tail gunner - 838th Squadron
John Nordstrom 1st Lt John W. Nordstrom - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Maynard North T/Sgt Maynard J. North - Radio Operator - 838th Squadron
Robert O'Connell 2nd Lt Robert J. O'Connell - Bombardier - 836th Squadron
Arthur O'Connor 1st Lt Arthur S. O'Connor - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Stanley Onstott T/Sgt Stanley E. Onstott - Ground Crew - 839th Squadron
Terry Orchard Lt Terry J. Orchard - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Richard Orlemanski Richard J. Orlemanski - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Bert Ostrove Bertram "Bert" I. Ostrove - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Harold Owens S/Sgt Harold Owens - Flight Engineer - 838th Squadron
Abraham Oxenhandler T/Sgt Abraham Oxenhandler - Radio operator - 837th Squadron
Samuel Pagac S/Sgt Samuel J. Pagac - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Warren Parks T/Sgt Warren H. Parks - Flight Engineer - 836th Squadron
William Paris William Paris - Armorer gunner - 839th Squadron
Don Partain S/Sgt Don Partain - Top turret gunner - 836th Squadron
Thomas Pearce 1st Lt Thomas W. Pearce - Bombardier - 838th Squadron
George Phillips S/Sgt George D. Phillips - Toggleer - 837th Squadron
Robert Plumb 2nd Lt Robert E. Plumb - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Ludwig Popiel 1st Lt Ludwig Popiel - Navigator - 838th Squadron
Robert Portsch 2nd Lt Robert H. Portsch - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Ken Posey T/Sgt Ken Posey - Radio operator - 839th Squadron
Roger Preston 1st Lt Roger G. Preston - 839th Squadron
Walter Preston 2nd Lt Walter H. Preston - 838th Squadron
Donald Primmer 1st Lt Donald C. Primmer - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Ray Radtke Sgt Raymond N. Radtke - Radio Mechanic - 837th Squadron
Al Rasof S/Sgt Al Rasof - 839th Squadron
Elmer Raykovitz M/Sgt Elmer "Ray" A. Raykovitz - 839th Squadron
John Raymer John C. Raymer Jr.- Pilot - 839th Squadron
Kenneth Redford Kenneth D. Redford - Waist gunner - 836th Squadron
Harold Reed M/Sgt Harold Reed - Crew Chief - 839th Squadron
Robert Reeder Captain Robert Reeder - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Burton Rhodes 1st Lt Burton L. Rhodes - Pilot - 838th Squadron
Pete Riegel Captain Pete Riegel - Pilot - 838th Squadron
Pete Riegel Captain Pete Riegel (second photo) - Pilot - 838th Squadron
James Roberts 1st Lt James H. Roberts - Pilot - 838th Squadron
Allan Robinson Lt Allan J. Robinson - Copilot - 837th Squadron
Lonnie Rogers S/Sgt Lonnie P. Rogers - Tail gunner, togglier - 836th Squadron
Martin Rosenstock 1st Lt Martin J. Rosenstock - Bombardier - 837th Squadron
Robert Rogers 2nd Lt Robert E. Rogers - Bombardier - 838th Squadron
Hal Rothstein S/Sgt Hal L. Rothstein - Flight Engineer - 839th Squadron
Claude Rowe 1st Lt Claude L. Rowe - 836th Squadron
Bradford Rupe Sgt Bradford A. Rupe - Nose gunner - 836th Squadron
Roe Sanders S/Sgt Roe V. Sanders - Crew chief - 839th Squadron
William Savage S/Sgt William L. Savage - Ball turret gunner - 838th Squadron
John Sawicki F/O John Sawicki - Bombardier - 838th Squadron
Walter Schattel T/Sgt Walter F. Schattel - 837th Squadron
Irving Schreiber 2nd Lt Irving Schreiber - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Clarence E. Schurwan Pfc Clarence E. Schurwan - Photographer
Simon Schwartz Major Simon Schwartz - Group Flight Surgeon
Howard Seaborn 2nd Lt Howard F. Seaborn - Navigator - 839th Squadron
Douglas Seavert S/Sgt Douglas E. Seavert - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Donald See S/Sgt Donald D.See - Tail gunner - 838th Squadron
John Seman S/Sgt John R. Seman - Tail gunner - 839th Squadron
Bruno Sestini Sgt Bruno Sestini - Armorer gunner - 837th Squadron
Neal Shafer 1st Lt Neal E. Shafer - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Arka Shanks Sgt Arka M. Shanks - Gunner - 836 Squadron
Robert Shaw Lt Robert W. Shaw - Bombardier - 837 Squadron
Arnold Shegal T/Sgt Arnold Shegal - Flight engineer - 836 Squadron
William Shelton Sgt William M. Shelton - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
C. Bert Sheriff 2nd Lt Cyril B. Sheriff - Navigator - 836 Squadron
William Sherman S/Sgt William L. Sherman - Waist gunner - 839 Squadron
Mayfield Shilling Major Mayfield R. Shilling - Operations Officer - 838 Squadron
Alfred Shumate Captain Alfred Shumate - Chaplain
Robert Sier 1st Lt Robert A. Sier - Bombardier - 836th Squadron
Art Silva S/Sgt gunner Art Silva long time 487th BG historian - 838th Squadron
Artemus Skaggs Cpl Artemus Skaggs - Tail gunner - 837th Squadron
Maynard Smith 2nd Lt Maynard H. Smith - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
Stanley Smith 2nd Lt Stanley G. Smith - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Royal Snell 2nd Lt Royal K. Snell - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Ralph Snyder 1st Lt Ralph W. Snyder - Group ordnance officer
William Spindler Sgt William H. Spindler - 836th Squadron
Bernard Stanek Major Bernard J. Stanek - Co-pilot - 836th Squadron
Jack Stanley Jack R. Stanley - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Art Stofko Arthur J. Stofko - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Lawrence Swain T/Sgt Lawrence H. Swain - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
David Swenson F/O David Swenson - Navigator - 838th Squadron
Art Taktikos Sgt Aristotole Taktikos - Tail gunner - 837th Squadron
Theodore Tatsios 2nd Lt Theodore G. Tatsios - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
Robert Taylor Col Robert Taylor III - Group Commanding Officer - 12-May-44 to 12-Dec-44
Darrell Teare Captain Darrell Teare - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Benjamin Tepper Lt Benjamin Tepper - Public Relations Officer
Charles Thompson T/Sgt Charles D. Thompson - Radio Operator - 837th Squadron
Denny Thompson 1st Lt Dennis E. Thompson - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
Jim Thweatt Sgt Jim E. Thweatt - Ground crew - 838th Squadron
John Timko Captain John Timko - Pilot - 838th Squadron
Walter Timpson Captain Walter K. Timpson - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Donald Tobias Sgt Donald W. Tobias - Crew Chief
Paul Tomney S/Sgt Paul L. Tomney - Flight Engineer - 836th Squadron
Victor Tuft Captain Victor E. Tuft - Enginnering officer - 837th Squadron
Sidney Turner 1st Lt Sidney F. Turner - Co-pilot - 838th Squadron
Warren Turner 1st Lt Warren E. Turner - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Richard Ulisky Pfc Richard W. Ulisky - 839th Squadron
Allan Underwood 2nd Lt Allan B. Underwood - 838th Squadron
Thomas Valentine 2nd Lt Thomas C. Valentine - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Joseph Van Dyke 2nd Lt Joseph Van Dyke - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Norman Van Kirk 2nd Lt Norman C. Van Kirk - Co-pilot - 839th Squadron
Carmelo Vassallo T/Sgt Carmelo F. Vassallo - Radio operator - 839th Squadron
Bernard Vaughan 2nd Lt Bernard E. Vaughan - Pilot - 837th Squadron
John Veerling Lt Col John P. Veerling - Ground Executive
Melo Volavka T/Sgt Melo Volavka - 836th Squadron
Robert Walker Robert D. Walker - Gunner - 837th Squadron
Herbert Walton T/Sgt Herbert Walton - Flight Engineer - 837th Squadron
Robert Wasson 2nd Lt Robert L. Wasson - Co-pilot - 838th Squadron
Robert Watson S/Sgt Robert D. Watson - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
Roy Webber 2nd Lt Roy Webber - Co-pilot - 838th Squadron
Norman Westbrook S/Sgt Norman B. Westbrook - Armorer/gunner - 839th Squadron
Henry Westhoff S/Sgt Henry B. Westhoff Jr. - Tail gunner - 838th Squadron
Alan Wheasler 1st Lt Alan H. Wheasler - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Donald Whiteside Lt Donald W. Whiteside - Ordnance officer
Roy Wickerham 1st Lt Roy E. Wickerham - Bombardier - 839th Squadron
Victor Wiebeck 2nd Lt Victor Wiebeck - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Norman Wikler Norman S. Wikler - Navigator - 839th Squadron
John Wiley F/O John R. Wiley - Pilot - 836th Squadron
Ed Wilkowski 2nd Lt Edward J. Wilkowski - Co-pilot - 837th Squadron
Charles Williams M/Sgt Charles Williams - Crew Chief - 836th Squadron
Gerard Williams S/Sgt Gerard A. Williams - Tail gunner - 836th Squadron
James Williams 2nd Lt James Williams - 836th Squadron
Delmar Wilsey T/Sgt Delmar G. Wilsey - Radio Operator - 838th Squadron
Homer Wilt S/Sgt Homer Wilt - Waist gunner - 839th Squadron
Leo Wingate 1st Lt Leo Wingate - 838th Squadron
Lawrence Winters 2nd Lt Lawrence F. Winters - Pilot - 837th Squadron
Ernest Witham Ernest F. Witham - Pilot - 839th Squadron
Thomas Womer Captain Thomas Womer - 838th Squadron
David Wright T/Sgt David Wright - Radio operator - 836th Squadron
Elmer Youngblood S/Sgt Elmer L. Youngblood - Flight engineer - 836th Squadron
Marty Zisk 1st Lt Martin M. "Marty" Zisk - Pilot - 839th Squadron

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