487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photo Gallery of the
487th Bombardment Group (H) - groups of various people

487 Rock Its The "487 Rock Its" during a performance of the band
8th Anti submarine personnel Personnel of the 8th Anti-submarine Squadron
669th Engineering Squadron Aero Engineering Squadron
836th Bomb Squadron Armament Section Men of the 836th Bomb Squadron Armament Section
836th Ground Crew Men of the 836th Ground crew on and around B-17 #44-8039
836th Ordnance Crew Men of the 836th Ordnance crew
837th Ground Crew Mechanics 837th Squadron Aircraft Mechanics
837th Squadron officers Officers Sargent, Nelson, Taylor, Loranger of the 837th Squadron
837th Squadron officers Officers of several crews of the original 837th Squadron
837th Squadron officers Several officers of the original 837th Squadron
837th Squadron supply group Personnel of 837th Supply group
837th Ground crew 837th Ground Crew with Miss Bea Havin, #43-3790
838th Ground Crew 838th Ground "Line" crewmen
838th Ground Crew 838th Ground Crew and others
838th Squadron Orderly Orderly group - Bruning Nebraska
838th Squadron Officers 838th Squadron officers, dressed to the 9's
838th Squadron Armament 838th Armament group
839th Squadron Armament 839th Armament group
Bomb Loading Unit 839th Squadron Bomb/Ordnance Unit
Anthony Abatsis and others Anthony Abatsis and others - all perhaps 836th squadron
Air Inspection Air Inspection (Technical)
Alamogordo Officers Club Group of officers all believed part of the 837th squadron
Bomb Loaders Taking care of the 'packages'
Boyd and Others Photo thought to have been taken around Alamogordo during training
General Castle General Castle and 4th Wing Staff
Max Christensen & others Max Christensen and others - perhaps 836th squadron members
In Alamogordo Magee, Bursik, McCleary, Mellen (officers of Mellen crew)
Chaffee Crew Enlisted personnel Chaffee crew, enlisted personnel - 839th Squadron
Chokola & Kercheval 1st Lt Joseph Chokola & 2nd Lt James F. Kercheval - 838th Squadron
Christmas 1944 Christmas party 1944
Command Officers in front of control tower Colonel Martin and other officers
Cromwell Ground Crew Ground crew served with Cromwell air crew - 838th Squadron
Debriefing Post mission debriefing of Freeburg crew
Dinah-Mite ground crew Ground crew for B-17 Dinah-Mite - 839th Squadron
Enlisted men Enlisted group, presumably on leave - 836th Squadron
Enlisted men Enlisted group - 838th Squadron
Enlisted group Enlisted group from the 839th Squadron
Fortman, Stevenson, Rogers T/Sgt Robert Fortman, S/Sgt Jack Stevenson, S/Sgt Lonnie Rogers - 836th Squadron
Froom & Angeloni Sgt Donald Froom & Sgt Patsy Angeloni - 837th Squadron
George Green & Friend Sgt George H. Green and friend
Green & Tigh S/Sgt Willard Green & T/Sgt Charles Tigh - 836th Squadron
Group of officers Three officers of the group
Group of officers Officers on the control tower
Hauenstein & Carr 2nd Lt. Pilot Max Hauenstein & F/O Navigator Bob Carr - 836th Squadron
Heft, Allard & Alexander Lts Heft, Allard and Alexander - from Allard crew - 839th Squadron
Kelley & Kiick S/Sgt Charles D. Kelley & S/Sgt Donald U. Kiick - 839th Squadron
Key Group Personnel Key Group Personnel of the 487th
Kulp Crew officers Officers and gentlemen of the 836th squadron
Kulp Crew group Some of the crew (Shelton, Lyons, Porter)
Lacy & Krachmal 1st Lt J Wray Lacy & Sgt Harry Krachmal - 838th Squadron
Lacy, Webber, Rogers Lt J Wray Lacy, Lt Roy Webber, Lt Robert E. Rogers - 838th Squadron
Aircrew Marino, Sunberg, Hopkin T/Sgt Leonard Marino, T/Sgt Joseph Sunberg, S/Sgt Rees Hopkin - 837th squadron
Mess personnel Without these guys, you starve!
Morrison & Sullivan S/Sgt Everett S. 'Pete' Morrison & S/Sgt Maurice J. Sullivan - 836th Squadron
Richards Crew officers Richards crew officers of the 836th squadron
The Sergeants Club Men and unique sign to the "Sergeants" Club
Squadron CO's Commanding officers of flight squadrons, and Group Intel officer
Officer's Club and personnel Officers at bar of base officer's club
Partain, Zaletski, Doty S/Sgt Don Partain, T/Sgt Bill Zaletski, T/Sgt Richard Doty - 836th Squadron
Photo Section 487th Group Photo Section
Post Exchange Post Exchange in operation
Preston Crew Enlisted personnel Preston crew, enlisted personnel - 839th Squadron
Public Relations Sgt. Escolas and Lt. Tepper with French correspondents
Valhoff & Virgin Sgt. Valhoff & Lt. Virgin
Vaughan and Faulkner 2nd Lt Pilot Bernard E. Vaughan & 2nd Lt Co-pilot Walter O. Faulkner - 837th Squadron
Walker & Marinello S/Sgt Doug Walker & T/Sgt Guy Marinello - 836th Squadron
Walters & DeSelms crewmen Duane Walters, enlisted men from DeSelms crew - 839th Squadron
Officers of the Wiebeck crew Three officers of the Wiebeck Crew
Wilson Crew officers Officers of the Wilson crew, 837th squadron
Wilson cousins Both were gunners on Church crew, 837th squadron
World Series 1944 Listening to the World Series 1944

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