487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Pleasure Bent, #43-37981 - B-17 of the 838th Squadron
Notes by Paul Webber tell us this about the photo: The direction of view is northwest. The aircraft is a short distance southeast of Lavenham airfield, flying due south. This photo was taken before the aircraft had the nose art "Pleasure Bent" painted on the nose. It was probably taken between between July and September 1944.
Click here, or on the photo, to see a larger image. The larger image contains text describing the sites that are visible in the photo.
The items that Paul annotates in the larger photo are:
Site 3: Officers Mess and Club, Sergeants Mess and NCO Club, Special Services Building, Cinema/Theater/Chapel Building
Clapstile Farm: West of Site 3, near the Officers Mess and Club
Site 5: 837th Bomb Squadron and 85th Station Complement Squadron
Site 6: 803rd Chemical Company and 471st Sub Depot
Site 7: 839th Bomb Squadron
Site 8: 838th Bomb Squadron and 1202nd Military Police Company
Site 9: 669th Aero Engineering Squadron and 1238th Quartermaster Company
Site 10: 836th Bomb Squadron
Site 11: 1685th Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company (Aviation)
Site 12: Orderly room, ablution block, and air raid shelters; no unit listed
Click here to see a diagram of the base, which was used to identify the above sites.
(Photo supplied by John Madison)

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