487th Bomb Group (H)
Station 137 - Lavenham, Suffolk, UK
22-Sep-43 to 7-Nov-45

Photos of Loye Lauraine

Before and during the war
(Photos provided by niece, Jane Wilson)
About Loye Lauraine.jpg
About Loye Lauraine
Aircraft Lauraine01.jpg
Aircraft Lauraine01
Aircraft Lauraine02.jpg
Aircraft Lauraine02
Atlantic City.jpg
Atlantic City
Childhood Lauraine01.jpg
Childhood Lauraine01
Childhood Lauraine02.jpg
Childhood Lauraine02
Childhood Lauraine03.jpg
Childhood Lauraine03
Childhood Lauraine04.jpg
Childhood Lauraine04
Childhood Lauraine05.jpg
Childhood Lauraine05
Childhood Lauraine06.jpg
Childhood Lauraine06
Flight School Lauraine01.jpg
Flight School Lauraine01
Flight School Lauraine02.jpg
Flight School Lauraine02
Flight School Lauraine03.jpg
Flight School Lauraine03
Flight School Lauraine04.jpg
Flight School Lauraine04
Flight School Lauraine05.jpg
Flight School Lauraine05
Flight School Lauraine06.jpg
Flight School Lauraine06
Flight School Lauraine07.jpg
Flight School Lauraine07
Home on leave.jpg
Home on leave
Loye Lauraine.jpg
Loye Lauraine
People Lauraine01.jpg
People Lauraine01
People Lauraine02.jpg
People Lauraine02
People Lauraine03.jpg
People Lauraine03
People Lauraine04.jpg
People Lauraine04

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